We hope you had a ball with our commingling machine. Now let’s mingle a little more.

See how our Presort Services can help your business save more – starting now.
Unlock significant savings in all classes of mail with Pitney Bowes
First Class® Mail letters and flats
Postal discounts are just the beginning. Count on us for the visibility, security and efficiency you need to improve deliverability of your time sensitive, mission critical mail.
First Class® Mail
Marketing Mail® letters and flats
Amplify the impact of everything you mail, from simple letters to complex campaigns. Enjoy greater efficiency, guaranteed pricing, end-to-end visibility and predictable in-home dates.
Marketing Mail®
Bound Printed Matter parcels
Mailing large, bulky items like catalogs, enrollment kits and annual reports can be challenging and costly. We do the heavy lifting for you, while reducing postage, labor and transportation costs.
Bound Printed Matter

Don't let high postage costs and time-consuming mail processes hold you back.

Learn more about our commingling mail service and how we can help you achieve your mailing goals.
presorting mail
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Step inside one of our 35 operating facilities—and see a nerve center of state-of-the-art mail technology.

With just one look inside our 186,000 sq. ft. Levittown facility, you’ll see why we are a leader in mail processing. High-tech machines sort letters, flats, and parcels at lightning-fast speeds; one of the 35+ operating centers commingling billions of mail pieces annually.