Presort with maximum precision

MailStream Plus

Maximize postal discounts for domestic mailing efforts using all classes of mail – First Class, Periodicals, Standard, and Package Service mailings – for all types of mail – letters, flats and parcels.

Mail Efficiency Solutions

Presort to the highest level possible with MailStream Plus mail efficiency solutions. Now you can maximize postal discounts on every class of US Mail with the presort software that's PAVE Gold-certified in every single category.

Our mail efficiency solutions provide four levels of presort savings and automatically generate the extensive audit trail and mail production reports you need to speed mail preparation and postal acceptance. This mail efficiency solution supports a wide range of platforms and operating systems.

Achieve Every Mail Discount Available

MailStream Plus solutions support all United States Postal Service (USPS) mail classes including First-Class, Periodicals, Standard, and Package Services - and every mail type including letters, postcards (single and double), flats parcels (First-Class machinable and irregular), and bound printed matter.

PAVE Gold-Certified

MailStream Plus is PAVE Gold-certified by the USPS in every required presort category. The mail efficiency solutions are designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to evaluate presort software and determine its accuracy in sorting address files according to Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) standards.

Palletization Discounts

MailStream Plus enables you to palletize mail at all allowable USPS levels. This module lets you adjust the weight, height or volume settings for each level and lets you easily shut off optional pallet levels.

Manifest Reporting

This optional reporting module improves efficiency when paying for non-identical mail such as billing statements. Manifest Reporting Plus provides the required manifest keyline and reports for First-Class and Standard Mail letters, flats and parcels.

Simplified Bag & Tray Discounts

As part of our mail efficiency solutions, the Barcode Bag & Tray Option makes it easy for you to generate the labels needed to qualify for mail automation discounts.

Drop-ship and Zone-skip Discounts

Our mail efficiency solutions provide you with many ways to take advantage of drop-ship and zone-skip discounts. The mail efficiency software makes it easy to plan in advance and you can assign minimum quantities to attain before presorting to any specific facility.

If your mail quantities don’t support dropping at certain facilities, the mail efficiency solutions will "roll" that mail into another entry point or to a default, local entry point. If you mail periodicals, you can force mail to USPS facilities that normally do not service such mail to take advantage of additional zone-skipping discounts.

PostalOne! Support

The mail efficiency solutions produce Mail.dat files fully compliant with the USPS PostalOne! system - an electronic alternative to paper documentation and manual processes for mail acceptance and verification. PostalOne! links your mail information electronically with USPS acceptance, verification and payment systems.

Flexible Parameters and Options

With the flexibility to presort and prepare mail as you wish, our mail efficiency solutions adapt to your changing business needs. Our technology lets you:

  • Accommodate different weight pieces in the same mailing
  • Control container size by volume or weight
  • Set the number of copies in a firm-package
  • Choose drop-ship facilities using up-front entry planning

Variable Minimum and Maximum Settings

Our mail efficiency solutions put you in total control of your mailing and allow you to vary settings for each unique grouping of mail (Add space) so you can set different minimum and maximum qualification amounts, package sizes, bag/tray sizes, and pallet sizes for every single batch.

Saturation Mailing Support

MailStream Plus can also presort your mail to achieve the highest possible postal discounts after walk sequence codes have been appended. MailStream Plus supports all forms of saturation mailings including:

  • Walk sequence saturation
  • High density qualification
  • Enhanced Line-Of-Travel sortation

User and Operational Reports

The mail efficiency solutions can produce a comprehensive array of user and operational/mail-shop reports including:

  • Mail Content Audit Trail (used to physically prepare and fill containers)
  • ZIP Code Detail (qualification level report by ZIP code or 3-digit area code)
  • Mail Qualification Summary (qualifications by mail code, source codes etc.)
  • Postage Summary (a clear and concise summary of postage amounts).

All of the reports produced by our mail efficiency solutions can be output in a variety of formats. Users can view reports by batch, entry point, piece-ID, and more.

USPS-required Reports

All of the required USPS reports that a mailer must submit with mailings are produced by our mail efficiency solutions including:

  • USPS Statements of Mail (3600s, 3541s, 3602s, 3605s and 3608s)
  • USPS Qualification Report
  • Carrier Route Walk Sequence
  • Barcoded Container Tags

Platform and Operating System Support

A wide variety of platforms and operating systems are supported with the mail efficiency solutions including:

  • IBM Mainframe (MVS/VSE/IMS/ZOS and OS/390)
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • iSeries
  • DEC Alpha