PresortXtra™ Savings Calculator

Mailers who meter can receive postage discounts with PresortXtra. Simply process qualifying mail at the discounted rate, prepare it for pick-up and we do the rest.

Let Pitney Bowes help you optimized your postage discounts

See how much you can save when you Presort your mail with PresortXtra
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First Class letters
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Estimated annual savings using PresortXtra:
*Based on the information that you provided, here's an estimate of what you can expect to save annually with PresortXtra.
PresortXtra™ for low-volume mailers
Supercharge your postage savings – presort your metered mail and unlock up to a whopping 46% discount on First-Class® postage. Enjoy the convenience of scheduled mail pick-ups, along with the added benefits of Delivery Point Validation and Move Update. Own a postage meter? Seize the opportunity to access postage discounts typically reserved for high volume mailers.
Transform your mailing strategy for maximum savings