Manage mail center budgeting and processing from one central location.

Budget Manager/
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Maximize productivity with the ability to manage all aspects of mail center budgeting and processing.

Managing the flow of information is critical to your organization. Without the proper tools to manage mail center expenditures it's like writing a "blank check" for your annual postage budget. With Budget Manager and our DM Series™ mailings systems you can turn your mail center into a profit center by effectively managing tracking and charging-back departmental or client costs.

Windows™ 98SE (US Only) Windows 2000 or Windows XP and above
Available serial port 233 Mhz Pentium II (or equivalent) based PC or higher 128 MB RAM 100 MB of available hard drive space. Removable media or network connection is recommended.


  • Manage and track mailing expenses for departmental or client charge-backs
  • Recover costs or operate as a profit center with a fully integrated charge-back solution
  • Tracks multiple reporting periods and conforms to your organization's requirements
  • Apply surcharges as a flat fee a percentage or a combination of both
  • Manage accounts with pre-determined budgets and spending limits
  • Track individual accounts
  • Analyze carrier classes and uses for future cost savings
  • Review mailing characteristics to verify postal discount qualification
  • Manage the flow of information throughout your organization
  • Integrate your mail center with your enterprise information to eliminate isolated expense tracking
  • Manage information on your own spreadsheet program
  • Export information into popular accounting packages

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