DM 125

DM125™ Postage Meter

The DM125™ postage meter has been discontinued, but you can still buy ink and supplies, get product support or upgrade to the SendPro® C below.

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SendPro C

Upgrade to the SendPro® C

SendPro® C is our semi-automatic device designed to unlock savings and simplify sending letters, large envelopes and packages.

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Process up to 65 letters per minute
Weigh large envelopes and packages up to 5lbs
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Large, bright color touchscreen - select mailing options and refill postage on device
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Save 5¢ on First Class® letters and up to 40% on Priority Mail®*

*Discounts on First Class letters and Priority Mail as of 1/26/2020. 40% savings is maximum savings on packages weighing 10lbs being shipped to Zone 4. Actual savings may vary.