mailstation2 postage meter

Postage made simple

$19.99/mo after free trial

Eliminate trips to the post office: 

  • Easily weigh mail and print postage from compact device

  • Automatically save 5¢ on every First Class letter, flat and postcard**

  • Simply print trackable shipping labels with free online access

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*New customers only. Receive 2 free postage refills during first year; $7.99 per refill thereafter. Postage, supplies, refills not included. $19.99/mo. after trial ends.
**Letters up to 3 ounces as of 1/17/19.

mailstation2 postage meter with specifications

More ways to make sending easy

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The integrated 2lb. scale accurately weighs mail for correct postage. Plus, get up to 40% off Priority Mail shipping rates online**.

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Trust that your mail will arrive at the right location, on time, every time with tracking both on-device and online.

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Eliminate trips to the post office and get time back in your day to do the work that adds to your bottom line.

Specifications and Upgrades
Standard features Optional upgrades
Dimensions 13.6” L x 11.1” W x 8.5” H -
Weight 8.7 lbs -
Letters per minute Up to 18 -
Scale 2 pounds 5 pounds
Online access Add free USPS® basic subscription Add Multi-carrier shipping, tracking, label printing, certified mail and more
Carrier access USPS® USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®