Take control of your shipping and mailing with a postage device

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Simple to use

The 7” color touchscreen display makes selecting sending options quick and easy.
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Automatic savings

Automatically pay correct postage and save 3¢ on every First Class letter and save up to 89%* using shipping labels from PitneyShipTM.
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Processes mixed mail quickly

Weigh items up to 15** pounds and process up to 65 letters per minute. Plus, you can semi-automatically process mixed mail faster and more accurately with differential weighing. .
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Multicarrier options

Easily access USPS® services and upgrade to access and compare services from FedEx® and UPS®***.

Sending mail and packages has never been easier.
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SendPro® C
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SendPro® C

Reduce the time spent processing and sending out letters and packages with an easy-to-use postage meter machine and shipping label printer*** that simplifies postage printing and automates tasks.

“The SendPro® C enables our business to simplify our sending in ways we never thought possible, all from one solution.” 
— Southern Leather Company

Additional Features and Benefits

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PitneyShip shipping software and eRR

Log in online to access shipping and tracking features, including optional eRR processing, get accounting and additional savings.
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Digital scale

Use our integrated, digital scale to accurately weigh packages up to 15 pounds**.
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Compact Design

Save space with a modern, compact design that fits into any office setting.
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Integrated apps

Track sending activity in real-time and optimize your end-to-end mailing and shipping processes.

Looking to get even more out of your SendPro® C?

Create new levels of efficiency for your organization with the SendPro®+, which is designed to simplify and speed up all of your multicarrier shipping, right from your office. The SendPro®+ makes it easy to process mail, weigh packages up to 15 pounds and print multi-carrier trackable shipping labels, and you can access PitneyShip™ shipping software from any computer.
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Create new levels of efficiency

Want to save money and time with metered postage? Look no further. SendPro®+ postage meter sending solution not only provides savings on USPS® First-Class and Priority Mail, it simplifies your mailing and shipping tasks.

Product resources

*Savings based on Priority Mail Cubic pricing for up to .1 cubic ft package weighing 20lb sent to Zone 9. vs Priority Mail Retail
**SendPro® C includes a 5 lb. scale; 15lb. scale only available for SendPro® +.
***SendPro® C includes USPS® mailing, with an optional upgrade to multi-carrier shipping; SendPro® + includes a shipping label printer and multi-carrier shipping.

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