Increase productivity and savings with a reliable high-tech office mail system.

High Speed technology
High Speed technology
Automatically feed, seal and print USPS® postage for mail up to 3/4" thick, at speeds up to 310 letters per minute.
Eliminate manual sorting of mixed mail with our patented technology, the MailCenter can weigh each envelope as it moves through the system and accurately print postage, so you always pay the right amount.*
Large Color Touchscreen
Experience a simplified way to process all your sending options with an easy-to-use 15” color touchscreen display.
Multi-carrier access
Multi-carrier access
One single experience makes it easy to compare services and costs for USPS, FedEx® and UPS®, access special discounted rates and track shipments and costs all in one place.

Discover how you can optimize your mailroom while saving money.

Rely on efficiency and technology

Designed for fast, high-volume, automatic processing of mail using reliable technology that delivers the highest savings potential. Ideal for businesses that send more than 500 mail pieces/week and 100 shipments/month.
SendPro P1000 office mail system
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SendPro MailCenter 1000 & 2000 mailing systems

Streamline your sending workflows

Designed for the fast processing of high-volume mail, our reliable technology delivers the highest savings potential for sending mail and packages. 

MailCenter 1000 brochure MailCenter 2000 brochure
SendPro P3000 office mail system
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SendPro MailCenter 3000 office mail system

Achieve maximum productivity
Our most efficient model built to process mixed mail at speeds up to 205 letters per minute, eliminating time-consuming sorting of mail by weight and size. The MailCenter 3000 can process same-size mail at speeds of up to 310 letters per minute, optimizing your sending workflows and helping you to save. 

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Maximize savings on everything you send.
Take advantage of saving on every piece of First-Class Mail & gain access to higher discounted shipping rates
USPS First Class
• Save up to 89%** off USPS® shipping labels
• Automatically save 3¢ on every USPS First Class® letter postage.
• Gain access to additional savings with our presort rates.
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• Save up to 86%* off daily UPS® rates
• Plus, avoid common surcharges to save even more.

More technology features to optimize your mailroom

Software access

Ship from Anywhere

Access the same shipping capabilities on the SendPro MailCenter outside the mailroom with PitneyShipTM or PitneyShip Pro, on the Shipping 360TM platform. Now users can ship packages from their desktops through a centralized, controlled account and gain visibility into shipping spend and package tracking.

Visibility and Control

Gain greater visibility across your mailing & shipping operations with PitneyAnalytics™, our cloud-based analytics solution. Powered by the Shipping 360 platform, PitneyAnalytics eliminates data silos and can help you make smarter, data-driven decisions by viewing usage, spend and performance by location and users.
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Compliance and Global Services.

The SendPro® MailCenter continues to meet all current USPS® regulations including the latest Intelligent Mail® Indicia (IMI) specification. Plus, Pitney Bowes Global Services offers a full array of end-to-end service, professional installation, and optimization resources.
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Customize your envelopes and save money

With flexible printing capabilities found on the SendPro MailCenter, it’s easy to print business logos, return addresses and promotional messages directly onto your envelopes at the same time you print postage. Eliminate the expense of pre-printed stationary and print envelopes on demand, so you never run out.
Easy-to-use features and peripherals
John Foy
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Client Success Story and Insights

“SendPro® will help you save time and prevent a lot of headaches, and it will save you money too.”

—John Foy & Associates

Discover how you can optimize your mailroom while saving money.

1P2000 & P3000 models only.
**Savings based on Priority Mail Cubic pricing for up to .1 cubic ft package weighing 20lb sent to Zone 9. vs Priority Mail Retail 
‡ Discounts off UPS International daily rates. Rates are limited to shipping from the U.S. only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice.