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Improve your Certified Mail® process with PitneyShip® and electronic Return Receipt (eRR).

They may look light, but Certified Mail Return Receipts, require some heavy lifting. Switching to electronic Return Receipts saves you time and money by eliminating the old traditional "green cards". Plus, they greatly reduce compliance and data security errors.

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Electronic Return Receipt is a simpler, convenient, efficient, and cost-saving way to send Certified Mail.

When you switch to Electronic Return Receipt, you eliminate the hassle of manually preparing, tracking, and managing storage and retrieval of physical green cards.

Switching to electronic Return Receipt using PitneyShip improves your Certified Mail process

Simply prepare, send and track Certified Mail with electronic Return Receipts as they are automatically filled out, captured and stored digitally, making for easy tracking of any mailing.
Increase Productivity
Anyone can access PitneyShip from their home or office to send Certified Mail with electronic Return Receipt.
Increase Sustainability
Since digital signature files are securely stored within PitneyShip, you can easily find and locate electronic Return Receipt signatures whenever you need them.
Cost Saving
Cost Saving
Save $1.48* on every mail piece and avoid hours of manual processes and costly mistakes.

*as of July 14, 2024

Simplifying every step of preparing, tracking and managing USPS® Certified Mail

Step 1: Preparing

Eliminate manual forms and processing.

With PitneyShip software, you can eliminate manual forms and processing, streamlining your mailing process. You’ll no longer struggle with filling out complicated USPS forms by hand - simply log in to PitneyShip from anywhere and start sending Certified Mail with electronic Return Receipts.

Batch processing for larger mailings.

Easily mail certified pieces in bulk, by the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands. Simply import your receipients names and addresses, and PitneyShip will quickly generate Certified Mail cover sheets (for certified window envelopes) or certified labels (for larger items or packages).

Step 2: Tracking

Proof of acceptance without going to the post office.

Once your Certified Mail piece receives its first outbound scan by the USPS, you will have proof that the mail piece has been accepted. This eliminates the need for Firm Mailing Books. Tracking events up to delivery or returned to sender are marked as undeliverable, which is instantly visible in the tracking dashboard.

Return Receipt Signatures without the hassle of green cards.

The electronic Return Receipt is a PDF replacement of the physical green card and is automatically uploaded into PitneyShip. No more wondering if green cards were lost. The PDF includes the city, state, time, and date that the mail piece was delivered, plus a digital copy of the signature of the person who accepted the piece. You can also add a reference number like account, docket, or client-matter to make it simple finding the signature you need.

Step 3: Managing

Signature storage and retrieval without digging through paper files.

You won’t need to waste time searching through folders and files for the green card that may or may not be there. PitneyShip makes it simple and quick to find the exact signature files you want. You can search for signatures by tracking number, name, address, or a reference number of your choice.

Access for every employee at every location, even home.

As an application powered by the Shipping 360® platform, employees can access PitneyShip from anywhere, anytime. This means users can process, track, and retrieve signatures from the office or from home. For administrators it’s simple to add and manage user permissions from a single source. All postage accounting and tracking is also centralized, so you not only get a complete, singular view of your certified spend, you also gain the control to manage it.

Let PitneyShip® software do the hard work.

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Up to 10 usersCertified mail with ERR
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$39.99/month after free trial*†
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  • Up to 10 users
  • Multi-carrier rate shopping (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL)
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  • Up to 50 Certified Mailings monthly with Electronic Return Receipt (ERR)†
Unlimited locations and usersCertified mail with ERR
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Customized and integrated for your business needs, includes:

  • Unlimited users & locations
  • Unlimited Certified Mailings wtih Electronic Return Receipt (ERR)
  • Single sign-on
  • API access and integrations
  • Automation and presets
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Certified Mail with electronic Return Receipt options with PitneyShip

Certified Mail Coversheet with Postage

A simple option that prints a coversheet that includes postage, addresses, and Certified Mail barcode in one step. The coversheet and documents are then place inside Certified Mail double-window envelope for mailing. 

Preprinted Certified Mail Barcode Label

This option uses preprinted Certified Mail barcode labels that you scan or enter into the software, attach the label to your mail piece, and then add postage.

Printing Certified Mail barcode labels

Similar to the preprinted label, except PitneyShip generates the Certified Mail tracking barcode and prints it to a label roll that is then attached to your mail piece.

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Learn more about all of the ways PitneyShip can save you on postage and shipping costs.

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How to create a Certified Mail piece in PitneyShip
Save digital proof of delivery receipts when sending critical documents using Certified Mail with electronic Return Receipt.
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Go electronic for greater efficiency
See how switching to electronic Return Receipt using PitneyShip improves your Certified Mail process.
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Go electronic for greater efficiency. Let Pitney Bowes streamline your Certified Mail process with electronic Return Receipts.

*Offer valid for new clients only.  The cost of postage, carrier charges, supplies and taxes are not included in your free trial or monthly subscription fee. The monthly subscription fee of $39.99 will automatically apply after the free 30-day trial, unless you cancel during the 30-day free period.  To cancel, go to Your Account.

† Cost of overage fees are not included in your free trial or monthly subscription fee. If exceed monthly allotment, overage fee of $0.15 per electronic return receipt will be charged and billed in your monthly subscription invoice.