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Supply Network Collaboration (SNC)

Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) is an Internet-based solution available to our direct material suppliers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SNC enhances productivity by providing real-time visibility of inventory, orders, and forecasts. Capabilities of SNC include:

  • Process Purchase Orders and Scheduling Agreements… purchase order and schedule agreement communication.
  • Forecast, demand and inventory communication… access forecasts, inventory, and orders.
  • Invoice Management… electronic invoice entry and payment advice.

SNC accounts are established for existing Pitney Bowes suppliers. Please refer questions to your assigned Pitney Bowes Procurement Professional. A comprehensive how-to guide is available on this website, please go to the Policies & Procedures area on this page and select the How-to Guide for SNC. It is recommended that you refer to this guide when using the SNC system.

Policies & Procedures

How-To Guide for Supplier Collaboration (SNC)

Quick-Reference Guide for Supplier Collaboration (SNC)

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