Copying an account profile

UPDATED: November 1, 2017

Your account can be copied so multiple users can access the same profile and information. Learn how to invite a colleague to share access to your account:

  1. Sign In to your account
  2. Expand the menu by selecting the down arrow at the top of the page; then select Account
  3. On the Manage Account Access screen, select the Colleagues I Manage link, then click the Add A Colleague button.
  4. Enter your colleague’s name and email address. 
  5. Click the checkbox for accounts you wish your colleague to access, and then click Submit.
  6. An Invitation email is immediately sent. You can close the success message on your screen.
  7. Your colleague receives an email from Pitney Bowes titled: Invitation to create your account. Select the link in the email - and follow these steps:
    1. Enter first name and last name
    2. Create a password
    3. Enter an answer to a security question
  8. Your colleague can now Sign In and access the same account; including billing, payments, postage information, and more.