Priority Service Enhancement Program

Learn about the Priority Service Enhancement (PSE) Program, an upgraded service provided to valued Purchase Power customers.

UPDATED: 28 February 2016

The Priority Service Enhancement (PSE) Program is an upgraded service provided to valued Purchase Power® customers. 

Annual enrollment is renewed automatically and will appear on your invoice.  

With a Priority Service subscription, you receive:  

  • Priority service when calling for customer support.
  • 20,000 annual points cap for Postage - Now you can accumulate more points which allows you to earn even more free postage, supplies, gift cards, etc. Customers not in the program have a 5,000 annual point cap.
  • Annual summary for better account tracking.
  • 24/7 access to postage whenever you need to reset your meter.
  • Flexible payment terms with 27days to pay from the statement date.
  • Detailed information is easily available by signing into your online account

To cancel your Priority Service, contact our Purchase Power® customer support team.