Setting up your new Pitney Bowes account and services

UPDATED: June 10, 2018

Set up your Pitney Bowes account and new mailing system by following these steps.

Follow the steps to create your account profile (if you don't have one already). 


Refer to your account number(s) when signing up with our online account experience, or when making payments with a check or electronically. Register ALL accounts.



Pitney Bowes mailing systems do not come with postage funds beyond your initial deposit. You need to load funds to the meter prior to use. Adding postage requires a postage account. The default payment option is Purchase Power®.

New meter?
Postage will be automatically added to the meter from the initial deposit made during the contract process. After the deposit amount is used up, postage payments will need to come from other postage funding sources.

Transitioning to a different meter?
Initial postage can be paid for using the funds transferred from the returned meter. After that, you can fund postage using the methods you already have set up, or you can change your postage funding source.



Your mailing system communicates with the Pitney Bowes Data Center as part of its operations. Tasks that may occur when connected include:

  • Refill postage
  • Update postal rate data
  • Perform required postal inspections
  • Add new features & software
  • Receive new graphics and ads for printing

Your connection method depends on your system:

PC Meter Connect - connect to the internet with your computer

Local Area Network (LAN) with USB cable and adapter 

Wireless (Wi-Fi) network

(select an option)

Set up your meter
Continue to set up your mailing system by selecting your model:

See the installation information for additional machines.