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Understanding Sales Tax

UPDATED: October 10, 2016

If your organization is exempt from sales tax, please send a copy of your tax exemption certificate to: and a sales tax credit will be issued to your account. Certificates should be made out to Pitney Bowes and must include your account number and contact information. Learn more: Submitting Tax Exemptions.

Sales Tax FAQs:

  • Why am I charged sales tax on my property tax?
    Certain tax authorities assess sales tax on all payments made by a lessee under a lease including payments made under the lease for property taxes.
  • We are tax exempt - why are we being charged property tax?
    Pitney Bowes is not tax exempt; therefore we are charged Property Tax by the local taxing authorities. Per your lease terms and conditions this charge is passed along to the lessee.
  • I have a Sales Tax Exempt Certificate, am I exempt from property tax?
    No. A Sales Tax Exemption Certificate specifically exempts organizations from sales taxes, not property tax. To learn more visit our Property Tax FAQ page.