How to change my IntelliLink Desktop settings

Learn how to change your IntelliLink Desktop settings.

UPDATED: 03 April 2020

Products affected: IntelliLink™ Desktop, Ascent™, SendSuite® Xpress, StreetSweeper™, Business Manager™

You can change how IntelliLink Desktop manages the download of your updates on the Settings tab. Open the IntelliLink Desktop User Interface, and go to the Settings tab.

There are four settings that can be changed:

  1. Select one of three options to download updates.
    • Download updates automatically (Default)
    • Download updates at a specific time that you select
    • Do not download updates, just provide a notification to the desktop
  2. Change the download destination for updates.
    • Use the Browse button to select your download location
  3. Change Proxy setting.
    • If your system uses a proxy to reach the internet, the settings can be entered here
  4. Enter an email address to receive email notifications when updates are available for download.
    • Enter email address selected to receive email notifications when updates are available for download
    • You may enter more than one email address
    • Email addresses will only be used to notify you of updates

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