Technical Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for IntelliLink Desktop

Find answers to IntelliLink Desktop technical questions.

UPDATED: May 16, 2019

Products affected: IntelliLink® Desktop

Read these frequently asked questions (FAQ) to find answers to technical questions about IntelliLink Desktop.

What is the OS requirement for IntelliLink Desktop?
IntelliLink Desktop is qualified to run on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows 2012 Server
  • Windows 10


What is the .NET requirement?
IntelliLink Desktop requires .NET framework 3.5 to be installed on your system. If it’s not installed, it will be added as part of installation process.


Which URLs does IntelliLink Desktop need to access?
The following URLs must be accessible from the IntelliLink Desktop system, without any obstructions. It is strongly recommended that the firewall reference the URL rather than IP address, which can change over time.


At a minimum, these URLs must be accessible:
(Domain; IP=,,,,,,
(Domain; IP=;,,,,
(Domain; IP=,,


For online help:
(Domain; IP=,,,,


What network ports does IntelliLink Desktop use?
All communication is initiated from the IntelliLink Desktop system via ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).
All communication from the IntelliLink Desktop system to the external Web Services is in the form of XML messages.

>Port 80 (HTTP)

  • Check for Updates
  • Web Browsing (Help)
  • Transaction Records from the IntelliLink Desktop system are automatically uploaded when the system encounters errors.

>Port 443 (HTTPS)

  • Software Update Downloads


What if IntelliLink Desktop is blocked by a firewall?
The IntelliLink Desktop system will initiate all communication (via HTTP or HTTPS), so it can safely sit behind most corporate firewalls. If your system is blocked by a firewall, you may need to have your IT department add the IntelliLink Desktop application (IDAgent.exe) to your firewall's exception list.


Can IntelliLink Desktop use a proxy server?
Yes, it can. The proxy settings can be entered on the Settings tab in the IntelliLink Desktop user interface.

Click the “Use Proxy” checkbox and enter the appropriate information for the proxy server connection. If your system still cannot access the internet, contact your IT department to help resolve the issue.


Can Intellilink Desktop work with my Ascent/Xpress network installation?

If Ascent/Xpress is installed on a network share, the product interface that retrieves the latest Ascent/Xpress configuration can have problems accessing some of the files on the network share. 

In such a case, Change the ‘Log On‘ settings for the IntelliLink Desktop service to a user account that has access to the network share instead of the Local System account.


Can I download to another computer?
You can download updates to another computer through a UNC Network Location (Universal Naming Convention). IntelliLink Desktop does not support downloading to mapped network drives.