SendSuite Live version 7.24.01 Release Notes (March 20, 2018)

SendSuite Live Release Notes for version 7.24.01 (March 20, 2018).
Products affected: SendSuite® Live


This section describes the major new features or enhancements that are included in this release.

Product Database. Encryption Now Enabled for Sensitive Information in Applications XML

Encryption and decryption of the master database connection string can now be triggered within the Server Configuration Utility when selecting “Apply Encrypted” or “Apply Clear”. Encryption is performed using the validation key within the projects server configuration file, and any manual changes made to this value outside of the Server Configuration Utility will cause the system to error when connecting to the database if the connection string is encrypted. In such cases the connection string must be re-entered via the configuration tool in order to reset the system. The algorithm used for the encryption is FIPS compliant.



This section includes items that have been raised via Support and escalated to Development for resolution within this release.

Windows Authentication Mode. Users Now Pass Authentication when Admin Group Configured

Where previously a user-specific account was required, users can now log on once the administrators group has been configured.

IOP (USPS). Updated Customs Details

Customs details are now passed with IOP shipments for US territory addresses.

Email Request. Email Transaction Now Works with Multiple Receivers

Improved the way the Email Request handles semicolon-delimited email addresses. Multiple recipients will now all receive emails.

CTSI LTL. Standardized Commitment Level Element

The Commitment Level element for CTSI LTL now matches the standard ISO format of yyyy-mm-dd. Also, refer to the POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGES section of these release notes.

International Documents. Improved User Defaults Selection

Fixed an issue whereby International Defaults displayed incorrect data when multiple users processed an international shipment. Now, International Defaults displays correct data when getting International Documents.



This section contains information about minor changes and corrections. It can include issues raised in previous releases that have been corrected.

FedEx Server. Updated Carrier Service Description

Updated FedEx International Economy service type from Ground to Air. This change is now visible in the Carrier Service Details table in the Shipping Administration’s Carrier page.

Generation 2 Project Templates. Only Enabled Users Now Available in User Selection Controls

Generation 2 project templates now filters users to display enabled users only within the user selection controls (Ship From, etc.).

DataView Control. Corrected Display Of Embedded DataView Row Selector

Fixed an issue with CSS image paths whereby selected rows were not indicated. Now, selected rows are shown with an arrow icon.

Batch Tracking. Improved Filter

Improved the Batch Tracking filter to avoid failures when multiple tasks are used for different accounts.

Shipment Server. Improved Parsing of Task Parameters

Improved the parsing of task parameters in order to prevent failures when running multiple tasks.

FedEx Server. Updated Commercial Invoice

FedEx Server Commercial Invoice now includes weight units of measure, and is now requested for each shipment when shipping with FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® (IPD).



This section lists all changes that have the potential to break legacy functionality. Please review the contents of this section before updating any project to understand the changes that are being made and any actions that you need to take prior to applying the patches.

Change: CTSI LTL Commitment Level Element

Detail: The Commitment Level element for CTSI LTL now matches the standard ISO format of yyyy-mm-dd, where previously it was mm-dd-yyyy.

Action: Make adjustments to any direct integrations that use this date to ensure they can read the new format.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021