SendPro Enterprise version 8.28.0 Release Notes (March 4, 2019)

SendPro Enterprise Release Notes for version 8.28.0 (March 4, 2019).
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


The following headline enhancements have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

Stamps App. Support for roll printing.

The Stamps App now supports printing from a stamp roll. This is done via the new Roll tab in the App. Users now have the following options:

  • Stamp Sheet (renamed from Stamp).
  • Stamp Roll.

Note: Stamp roll printing is only supported on the Brother QL-800 printer. Additionally, stamp rolls can be printed by directly connecting to a workstation, or over a network. Note that printing via a network has been tested internally using a Windows 10 machine. See the Brother website for supported OS.

Batch Meter App. Updates to default rate logic.

The default meter rate when operating in the Batch Meter App is now controlled by the following App settings:

  • Default Meter Rate. Sets the default meter rate. Defaults to $0.50.
  • Show Meter Rate Textbox. Controls the display of the Meter Rate field in the App. Defaults to False. If set to True, users will be able to alter the meter rate in the App.

Reports App. Updates to PB Shipping API - USPS reports permissions.

Those with the role User can now view PB Shipping API - USPS reports. Previously, access was limited to Admin roles.

Electronic submission. Updates to ERR coversheets.

Address Line 3 now displays on ERR Coversheets. Additionally, support for the following legacy coversheets has been removed from SendPro Enterprise:

  • Certified #10 - v1.6.rpx
  • Certified #10.rpx
  • Certified 6x9 - v1.6.rpx
  • Certified 6x9.rpx
  • Certified 6x9.5 - v1.6.rpx
  • Certified 6x9.5.rpx
  • Certified 9.5x12 - v1.6.rpx
  • Certified 9.5x12.rpx

Desktop Shipping App. Updated workflow App settings.

It is now required that the Desktop Shipping App is loaded with a valid workflow. If loaded without a workflow selected, a warning is presented to the user allowing them to select from enabled workflows. In support, added the following App settings controlling which workflows are available to users:

  • Ship a Package Workflow Enabled.
  • Create a Requisition Workflow Enabled.
  • Rate and Create a Requisition Workflow Enabled.

Note: If only one workflow is enabled, it is automatically selected if the App is loaded without a workflow.



The following changes have been implemented for SendPro Enterprise Apps:


  • Added support for custom codes.
  • Carriers. Service type now displayed.
  • Corrected Address Validation errors.


  • Corrected Address Validation errors.

Certified Mail

  • Corrected Address Validation errors.

Desktop Shipping

  • Updated workflow App settings.
  • Corrected Address Validation errors.

Deliv Same Day

  • Updated workflow App settings.
  • Corrected Address Validation errors.


  • Support for roll printing.


  • Updates to PB Shipping API - USPS reports permissions.

Batch Meter

  • Updates to default rate logic.



FedEx Web Services.

Support for ETD image upload. You can now upload letterhead and signature image files to be used on ETD outputs generated by FedEx Web Services. To inquire about implementation, contact Pitney Bowes Support.



The following other changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

DHL XML-PI. Addressed issue when shipping to Singapore.

Shipments to Singapore now function as expected when operating with DHL XML-PI. Previously, no rates were returned causing the transaction to fail.

Apps. Corrected Address Validation errors.

When using address validation to correct an entered address, the updated value is now re-validated. Previously, it was not validated following the update.

Tasks. Corrected Batch Tracking handling of location detail.

An issue has been resolved whereby the Batch Tracking task failed when the location detail exceeded the allowed character length for saving in the database.

Reports. Resolved issue with Carrier - Delivery Status columns.

When operating with the Delivery Status report, FileName is returned correctly (BPOD file name), and Page Number shows the correct BPOD page number.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021