SendPro Enterprise version 8.27.3 Release Notes (March 4, 2019)

SendPro Enterprise Release Notes for version 8.27.3 (March 4, 2019).
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


The following changes have been implemented for SendPro Enterprise Apps:


  • Resolved issue with Ship To fields in return requests.

Desktop Shipping

  • Amended Alt.Return Address mappings.



The following other changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

SendPro Enterprise. Improvements to PDF conversion handling.

To correct issues when converting PDF documents to images, product wide updates have been made to the .NET assembly responsible for generating PDF outputs.

Data Management. Addressed issue when applying filters to exports.

Date range filters on data exports now function as expected. Previously, exported files would be blank.

DHL XML-PI. Resolved error with European shipping.

An issue has been corrected whereby non-dutiable shipments between European countries failed. Note that Duties Bill To Payer Type must be set to Recipient for the shipments to succeed.

Carriers. Resolved issue with default package type.

The default package types for PB Shipping API - USPS, now function as expected. Previously, the default package type had to be manually selected.

Improvements to Apps and Snippets.

The following fixes have been implemented:

  • Ship To data is now passed correctly in return requests when operating in the MailCenter App. Previously, Receiver fields were not mapped correctly.
  • The Address Book snippet now returns all fields as expected. Previously, customer reference data was not recalled correctly. In support:
    1. The existing parameter Selected Code has been changed to Selected Customer Reference.
    2. Added the parameter Selected ID. See Snippets for detail on editing parameters.
  • Alt.Return Address detail is now handled correctly by the Desktop Shipping App. Previously, the Region field was incorrectly mapped.

Electronic submission. Corrected issue with text overlap on outputs.

Company names now display correctly on the USPS output PS 3877 ERR Manifest. Previously, longer names caused the text to overlap into other fields.

PB Shipping API - USPS. Amended End of Day error.

When operating with PB Shipping API - USPS, End of Day now functions as expected. Previously, performing End of Day with the carrier returned errors.

UPDATED: March 08, 2021