SendSuite Live version 7.18.01 Release Notes (May 4, 2017)

SendSuite Live Release Notes for 7.18.01 (May 4, 2017).
Products affected: SendSuite® Live


This section includes items that have been raised via Support and escalated to Development for resolution within this release.

PB Shipping API. Future Ship Date Now Included in Rate Request

Previously, the future ship date option was only included in Ship Requests. It is now passed for both Ship and Rate Requests.

USPS. Tracking Responses Issue Resolved

USPS changes to their tracking portal introduced extra whitespace data into the tracking data stream. These characters have been removed; thereby, restoring the previous feed format.

Address Book Import. Resolved Issue of Incorrectly Identified Duplicates

On import, some rows were incorrectly identified as duplicates and removed. This issue has been resolved.

Bulk List Import. Resolved Issue of Overwriting When No Customer Reference Provided

Importing a record without a customer reference number overwrote the first existing record owned by the same user and Address Book type. This issue has been resolved.

GlobalTranz. Resolved Issue of Sender and Receiver Phone Numbers Not Being Passed

The carrier had updated their rules to mandate these details and thereby all shipments were failing. Phone numbers are now passed to the carrier.

Product Item Template Selection. Resolved Issue Preventing Selection

Product item templates could only be selected by the owner. Users with the same profile or location were unable to select. This issue has been resolved.

Authentication Modes. Restored Ability to Authenticate Windows Administrators

The ability to authenticate administrators that are not explicitly registered within the database has been restored. Any user that is a member of the administrative windows groups will be allowed access.

USPS Postage. Fixed Voiding Issues

Fixed an issue with voiding USPS Postage shipments.

Authentication Modes. Fixed Caching with Windows Authentication

Fixed an issue with authenticating windows users, if caching was enabled. Previously the login sequence would fail with an error and the user would not be able to log in. This has now been resolved.



This section contains information about minor changes and corrections. It can include issues raised in previous releases that have been corrected.

UPS API. Fixed TermsOfSale and Added Support for International Reference Fields

Improved the UPS integration:

  • Added support for ShipperReference and ReferenceOne field mappings for international shipments for Shipments level fields. As such, each label will show the same reference fields.
  • Added support for carrier-produced Commercial Invoice. It can now be configured and viewed in Shipment Server, and will be stored in the database, if not configured as paperless.
  • Corrected a number of nodes, e.g. TermsOfSale, to pass correctly to the carrier.

Ship To Hold. ShipmentRelease Transaction no Longer Preserving Weekend Pickup Flags

The ShipmentRelease transaction will no longer preserve the weekend pickup flags (/*/SaturdayPickup and /*/SundayPickup). These flags are now removed from the resubmitted Ship Request so that they can be set back to default, based on the ShipDate provided in the ShipmentRelease Request.

MSMQ Service. Added WayBillNumber2

The WayBillNumber2 element is now available within the messages which are sent to XSys and other custom updaters.

FedEx Server. Fixed Home Delivery Options

Corrected the HomeDelivery options for FedEx Server to correctly translate certain values passed to the carrier. Also, refer to the Project Template Changes section of these release notes.

FedEx Server. Corrected Home Delivery Validation for Multipack Hazardous Transactions

Corrected an issue where validation of multipack hazardous shipments would not allow a residential flag to be set.

Generation 2 Desktop. Fixed Default UPS API Reference Field Mappings

Corrected an issue preventing reference fields being passed during UPS API shipments within Generation 2 Desktop project template. Also, refer to the Project Template Changes section of these release notes.

Bill of Lading. Fixed Billing Postal Code Mapping

Corrected the default mapping for the billing postal code on the "Bill of Lading.rpx" report file to show the postal code per label. Also, refer to the Possible Breaking Changes section of these release notes.

SmartShop. Selected Cell Highlight Now Cleared During Reset

An issue has been resolved whereby the selected cell is cleared when the SmartShop control is reset.

FedEx Server. Variable Placeholders Now Correctly Replaced when Sending Failure Emails

Corrected an issue with the variables used in FedEx Server failure emails not getting replaced prior to sending the email.

JavaScript Object Components. Improved Cost Center and Favorites Controls

  • The AutoSelect property will now work when the Ship Requisition Lookup JOC is in the Favorites mode.
  • Added a new property, AllowBackspace, to the Cost Center Lookup JOC. The property defaults to False. If set to True, it allows you to use the backspace key in the Cost Center manual entry box of the Cost Centers popup, i.e. manually remove characters or the entire text.

It is recommended that you use cost center validation for manually entered cost centers to ensure invalid codes are not used, or automatically created.

Generation 2 SmartShop. Fixed Issue with Rate Display

Resolved an issue with the SmartShop Results popup not displaying rates without the commitment date during daylight saving changes.

Output Rules. Fixed Issue with Conditional Custom Label for Returns Transactions

Resolved an issue with conditional custom labels always printing for return transactions, if configured in Shipment Server.

Project Administration. Fixed Paging Issue

Resolved an issue with search paging in Composer. Search criteria will now be preserved when moving between pages.



This section lists all changes that have the potential to break legacy functionality. Please review the contents of this section before updating any project to understand the changes that are being made and any actions that you need to take prior to applying the patches.

  • New files have been added to the Outputs folder in Shipment Server. To retain your existing customizations in the Outputs folder, it is recommended that you back up the folder and restore any customized files after the product upgrade.



The following templates have been updated and can be used with this release:

Template:SendSuite Live Ship

Version: Generation 1 – 1.17

Comments: Enlarged the carrier expandable panel to ensure all FedEx Server options are contained within it.


Template:SendSuite Live Desktop

Version: Generation 2 – 3.6

Comments: Corrected reference field mappings for UPS API.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021