Processing bulk shipments using SendSuite Live Mailroom

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Products affected: SendSuiteĀ® Live
  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. If you have any popup blockers, turn them off.
  3. Go to http://servername/SendSuite%20Live/login.aspx, where servername is replaced by your SendSuiteĀ® Live server address.
  4. Enter your Username and Password.
  5. Open the Mailroom template.
  6. Scan the ship request barcode, or click on the ... button to open the Requisitions window and double-click to select a ship request.
  7. If any messages pop up, c lick OK.
  8. Select a Cost Center, Company Code, and Account Code if applicable.
  9. Enter a Weight, COD, or Insurance amounts if desired.
  10. Select the Carrier, Service, and Package Type desired for the bulk list.
  11. Make sure that you have enough labels in the printer, then when ready to begin printing, click the Ship button. Important: Do not click "RATE", as this will cause the group to pause on each label. The labels will begin printing.
  12. If any warning messages appear, resolve the warning, then click the right arrow button on the Processing Bulk List window to resume printing.
  13. If there is a problem with an address in the bulk list, view which address is on the screen, then click on the ... button to open the Address Book.
  14. Click Open Address Book.
  15. Click on the bulk list you are processing on the left, then enter the company name and click Search.
  16. Highlight the address and click the Edit button on the top right.
  17. Fix the address and click the Save button.
  18. Double-click the fixed address to select it and close the address book.
  19. Click the right arrow on the Processing Bulk List window to resume printing.
  20. To reprint or skip an address, use the double arrow buttons on the Processing Bulk List window to go backward and forward through the bulk list.
  21. To quit the bulk process, click the X at the top of the Processing Bulk List window.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021