Creating a shipping label SendPro Online Mobile App

Products affected: SendPro® Online Mobile App

You can use the SendPro Online Mobile App to create a shipping label on your phone and either print it directly from your phone or save it as a ship request to print from your computer later.

The SendPro Online Mobile App to can only create domestic shipping labels. To create international or APO labels, use SendPro Online in your web browser.

  1. On the Home screen, tap Ship.
  2. (Optional) To use a preset that you have created in SendPro Online, tap the Choose Preset tab and tap the desired preset. Presets must be created and edited in SendPro Online.
    Tip: If new presets were added in SendPro Online, you can swipe down in the app to refresh the presets list.
  3. If not using a preset, tap the Choose Package Type tab and choose your packaging type.
    • If using carrier-specific packaging, choose the desired carrier tab.
    • If using your own packaging, choose the My Packaging tab.
  4. If using carrier-specific packaging, select the package type. Scroll down to see more package types.
  5. If using your own packaging, select the package type. To enter the dimensions and weight, tap on each field and enter the measurement.
  6. Tap Continue.
  7. The default sender address is used. To choose a different sender address, tap the sender address at the top and select the desired address.
  8. Enter the recipient address, or tap the address book icon and select it from the address book. If you enter a new address, select the Add to address book box to save it in your address book.
  9. To email the tracking number when you print the label, select the Email the tracking number box. The sender and recipient email addresses are automatically filled in if they are in the address book. To add another address, tap on the line below the box and enter it.
  10. Tap Continue.
  11. If prompted to verify the address, tap Use Suggested.
  12. Select the service you wish to use. Scroll down to see all available services.
  13. Optional:
    • To add extra services, tap Add Extra Services, select the services, and tap Apply.
    • To compare rates with different carriers, tap the carrier tabs at the top. If you selected a carrier-specific package type, you will only see rates from that carrier. To see rates from all carriers, select My Packaging.
    • To sort the services, use the Sort By menu at the top.
    • To go back to the previous step, tap the back arrow.
    • To start over from step 2, tap Start Over.
  14. Print the label now, or create a ship request to print later from your computer:
    • To print the label directly from your phone if you have a printer installed:
      1. Tap Print.
      2. If the Label Options screen opens, select the label options, then tap Print.
      3. (Optional) Tap Print Sample to print a sample label.
      4. When the label opens, select the printer, select any other needed options, then tap Print to print the label.
      If you do not yet have a printer installed on your phone, you can select All printers > Add printer to add one.
    • To create a ship request that you can print later from a computer:
      1. Tap the arrow next to the Print button and tap Create Ship Request.
      2. When ready to print the Ship Request, sign in to SendPro Online on a computer or other device from which you can print.
      3. In SendPro Online, go to Print > Ship Requests.
      Ship Requests do not appear in the SendPro Online Mobile App once created.

    Note: If USPS SCAN Form printing is enabled in SendPro Online, the label will be added to the current SCAN Form.

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UPDATED: February 16, 2021