SendPro Enterprise version 8.32.0 Release Notes (October 30, 2019)

SendPro Enterprise Release Notes for version 8.32.0 (October 30, 2019)
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


The following headline enhancements have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

Enhancements to Personal Shipping functionality.

The following features have been implemented for Personal Shipping:

  • Google Pay and Apple Pay are now supported payment options. Note that to use these methods SendPro Enterprise must be configured to operate with HTTPS.
  • Users can now specify a FedEx or USPS Package Type when configuring domestic and Army Post Office (APO) shipments. When selected, rates are only returned from the carrier that supports the Package Type. Note that the chosen Package Type is applied to all items in a multipack shipment.
  • A new App setting, Show Weigh Button, controls the visibility of the WEIGH option in the Personal Shipping App. Note that it defaults to True. See App Settings for detail.
  • All addresses are now saved with the Address Book Type Personal Shipping, and can only be viewed in the Personal Shipping App. Note that permission to access the Personal Shipping Address Book is granted to all users and cannot be removed. See Address Book for detail.
  • When shipping to APO addresses the International screen is now included in the Personal Shipping workflow, enabling users to configure the required content items for the shipment.
  • Added tooltips to the Personal Shipping App providing information on fields in the workflow.

Personal Shipping App. Updates to rate handling.

Rates returned by the Personal Shipping App are now based on the rate configuration in use throughout SendPro Enterprise. For example, if a carrier is configured to use a Carrier List Rate, this will be used when retrieving rates in the Personal Shipping App.

Reports App. Added Personal Shipping reports.

Two new reports have been added to SendPro Enterprise, Shipments Summary and Users Summary, allowing users to run reports on Personal Shipping transactions.

Personal Shipping App. Improved Terms & Conditions.

Added clarified Terms & Conditions to the Personal Shipping App’s Confirm & Pay page.

Electronic Submission. Added Shipper Reference to 3877 form.

A Shipper Reference field is now included on USPS PS 3877 ERR outputs.

Outputs. Changes to PDF generation logic.

Shipments producing multiple PDF Raw documents now consolidate all generated outputs into a single PDF document during shipment processing. This logic is also applied when printing from the View App or via the Shipping Apps’ History tab. This is the standard behavior and cannot be disabled.

Product Architecture. CargoWise One Integration.

CargoWise One is now supported in SendPro Enterprise shipping Apps.

Apps. Local storage can now be cleared.

Any App data retrieved via the PierbridgeListRequest is now cached for an hour. If editing data retrieved by the request, E.g. by enabling a carrier, users must wait an hour for the changes to present or clear the local storage. This is done via a new option in the Support tray, Clear Local Storage, or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl and F5. To use the Support tray method, you must be operating with the Support Button Visible setting enabled, configured in the All Settings page of the Administration App's Data tab. See Support for detail. The link is to the Warehouse App content, but the functionality is common across all Apps.

Stamps App. Improvements to reprinting logic.

Stamp reprinting logic has been updated to allow individual stamp transactions to be reprinted, where previously reprinting was only available for entire stamp sheets. In support, the Stamps App’s History tab now displays detail at the stamp request level, containing configuration detail on the stamps in the transaction, and indicating if valid for reprinting. Note that you can no longer search in the History tab using Carrier Service.

SAML. Improved error handling of redirect URLs.

If an error occurs when navigating to a configured redirect URL, a parameter passed with the request now captures detail on the error to assist users with troubleshooting.


The following other changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

Task Scheduler. Time configurations now saved correctly.

Scheduled run times are now correctly saved in the database, correcting errors whereby tasks configured for 12AM would fire at 12PM.

Warehouse App. Changes for consistency of time formats.

The Ship After Time and Ship Before Time fields in the Warehouse App are now in AM/PM format to align with the rest of the product.

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents. Updated operation with multi-pack shipments.

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents (ETDs) are now generated as expected for all items in a multi-pack shipment. Previously, only outputs from the first package were handled in the carrier response.

Supervisor App. Enhanced Cost Center filtering.

Added a new column, Active, when configuring Cost Centers for new users in the Supervisor App. The column indicates if the Cost Center is enabled (True) or disabled (False). Users can search True or False to filter available Cost Centers.

Desktop Shipping App. Updated handling of return labels.

Return labels are now generated as expected when operating with the Process Return With Shipment checkbox in the App’s Return tab. Previously, only the package’s shipping labels were produced.

View App. Resolved duplicate errors when voiding.

Errors no longer appear twice when voiding in the View App.

Address Book. Resolved caching issues.

Address Book data now displays correctly for the appropriate user, correcting errors whereby a caching issue allowed a user to access an admin Address Book.

Administration App. Resolved errors saving edited Carrier Permissions.

Editing and saving Carrier Permissions now functions as expected. Previously, changes would not be saved and a console error occurred.

Rate Groups. Removed invalid options from carrier selection.

Invalid options, Personal Shipping and Payment Processor, have been removed from the Carrier dropdown when configuring rate groups.

Administration App. Edits to required Location data.

The Localizations field is now correctly flagged as required throughout the Administration App, including the Setup My System Add A Location wizard, and when configuring data in the App’s Locations tab.

Administration App. Improvements to UPS API Shipping Key handling.

When requesting UPS API security credentials, the Shipping Key Name field has been removed as this data is not required. Additionally, after requesting security credentials, a popup now displays with the requested Shipping Key.

Stamps App. Improved Extra Services selection.

The App’s Extra Services dropdown now functions as expected, correcting errors whereby Electronic Return Receipt did not display in the selection.

Custom Rates. Charge Types now handled correctly when rating.

The Charge Types Service Charge and Other Shipping Charges configured for custom rates are now applied correctly when rating.

Reports. Corrected issue with previews of PDF reports.

An issue has been resolved whereby reports generated in PDF format did not display the preview in the Reports App.

App Settings. Altered type of Desktop App setting.

Changed the default Type for the Desktop App setting Show Personal Shipping App Link from a string to a bool. The setting defaults to False.

Reports. Resolved display issues with Shipping Notes.

Corrected an issue whereby the Carrier Activity report did not generate correctly if the Shipping Notes column contained multiple lines of text.

SAML. Corrected login errors when operating with email address format.

Using the email address format for SAML logins now functions as expected.

Personal Shipping App. History tab improvements.

Enhanced the Personal Shipping App’s History tab to improve handling when using the View Details option on multiple transactions.

Data Import/Export. Resolved error with saving schedule options for templates.

Saving schedule options for Import/Export templates within the Data Management functionality now operates as expected.

Hazardous Shipping. Various Improvements.

In support of this:

  • LabelMaster DGIS codes for Exemption Type are now converted to the accepted abbreviated codes. Previously, the full text was included in the request, causing errors when passed to the carrier.
  • Resolved issue with Hazardous symbol display.
  • Resolved issue with Hazardous button errors.

Apps. Various improvements.

The following fixes have been implemented:

  • View App. Improved handling of Ship With Other Goods (SWOG) shipments.
  • Warehouse App. Resolved issues on load when operating with Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, the Carton Selection dropdown now functions as expected when operating with Internet Explorer 11.
  • Rate Viewer Snippet. Updated display of longer carrier names. They are now only visible via tooltip.
  • Administration App. Improved performance in Internet Explorer 11 when editing a User. Additionally, fixed an issue with location duplications when adding Hazardous Helpline Contacts in the App’s Locations tab.
  • Reports App. Fixed issue with Report display in Google Chrome.
  • MailCenter App. Resolved RateShop display issues.
  • Stamps App. Updated icons to be consistent with the rest of the product.
  • Personal Shipping App. Updated handling of payment when operating with older versions of the App.


The following changes have been implemented for SendPro Enterprise Apps:


  • Changes for consistency of time formats.
  • Hazardous Shipping. Various Improvements.
  • Resolved issues on load when operating with Mozilla Firefox.


  • Altered type of Desktop App setting.


  • Resolved RateShop display improvements.
  • Hazardous Shipping. Various Improvements.

Store | Supplier

  • Hazardous Shipping. Various Improvements.
  • Resolved issues on load when operating with Mozilla Firefox.


  • Changes to PDF generation logic.
  • Resolved duplicate errors when voiding.
  • Resolved status display issues when EDI Standards are enabled.
  • Improved handling of Ship With Other Goods (SWOG) shipments.

Desktop Shipping

  • Updated handling of return labels.


  • Improvements to reprinting logic.
  • Improved Extra Services selection.
  • Updated icons for consistency.


  • Corrected operation in Google Chrome.

Personal Shipping

  • Enhancements to Personal Shipping Functionality.
  • Improved Terms & Conditions.
  • History tab improvements.
  • Updated handling of payment when operating with older versions of the App.

UPDATED: March 08, 2021