Creating and emailing a transaction history report on the SendPro Tablet

Learn how to create and email a transaction history report on the SendPro Tablet.
Products affected: SendPro® Tablet

You can create a customized transaction history report and send it via email in CSV format.

  1. From the SendPro® Tablet home screen, tap SendPro Shipping.
  2. Tap History in the menu at the top. By default, all shipments for the current month to date are shown.
  3. (Optional) Use one or more of the following options to filter the list and include only a subset of the records in the report. The report will include only the records that are displayed when it is sent.
    • Filter by date: Tap the date menu and select a different time period.
    • Filter by shipment type: Tap the All Shipments drop-down menu and select one of the available categories:
      • Insured Shipments
      • Eligible for Refund
      • Summary by Cost Account
      • Summary by User
      • USPS Label Refund History
      • Summary by Carrier
User-added image
  1. Once the list is filtered as desired, tap the Create Report button in the upper right. The Create Shipping Report screen opens showing the filter criteria you have selected.
    SendPro Tablet email history report screen
  2. Enter the email address to which you wish to send the report.
  3. Tap Email Report.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021