SendPro Enterprise version 8.39.1 Release Notes (December 11, 2020)

SendPro Enterprise Release Notes for version 8.39.1 (December 11, 2020).
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise

Note: Some changes affect all SendPro Enterprise users, while other changes affect licensed users only. If you are a subscriber, your SendPro Enterprise is hosted in the Pitney Bowes cloud with the address, where "name" is your organization's unique value. If you are a licensed user, your SendPro Enterprise is not hosted in the Pitney Bowes cloud.


The following other changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

Shipping Apps. Empty recipient value in bulk lists can no longer be processed.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.

Bulk lists containing no recipients can no longer be processed when operating in product shipping Apps. An error message now presents if no contacts are found in the list.

HubCapp Peripheral Agent. Updated handling of Generic Driver Settings.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.

Configuring the Generic Driver Settings RX Expression and TX Expression via the HubCapp Peripheral Agent now functions as expected. Previously, attempting to save detail in these fields would fail.

HubCapp Peripheral Agent. Port configuration now saved.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.The configuration of the Serial Port field is now saved as expected by the HubCapp Peripheral Agent. This fix corrects issues whereby the port was always set to COM1.

SendPro Enterprise. Updated treatment of CrossPage communications.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.

An issue has been resolved whereby CrossPage communications did not function as expected following upgrade to SendPro Enterprise 8.38.0. This was due to changes made to the default value of the Google Chrome Referrer-Policy setting. Now, when accessed via HubCapp, the Referrer-Policy header is set to no-referrer-when-downgrade.

SendPro Enterprise. Improved App login logic.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.

An issue has been resolved whereby after logging out of a direct App URL, a subsequent log in would direct users to SendPro Enterprise Admin.

MailCenter App. Updated handling of default rate group.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.

The MailCenter App now loads the correct rate group when operating with the Use Default Rate Group App setting enabled.

Outputs. Corrected handling of permissions for ActiveReports.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.

An issue has been resolved whereby ActiveReports documents did not generate as expected when the associated output permissions were set at the profile level.

UPS. Amendments to tracking logic.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.

Updated the tracking logic used for UPS shipments to accommodate changes made to the carrier’s tracking website. Tracking now functions as expected for all UPS carriers.

Shipping Apps. Improved return address logic.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.

Shipping Apps are now prepopulated with a return address on load. The address is taken from the Returns address as defined within the user’s location in the Administration App. In support:

  • The Alt. Return Address tab has been renamed to Return Address.
  • A Use Ship From Address checkbox has been added to the Return Address tab.

FedEx SameDay® City API. Zip Codes now handled correctly.

Affects all SendPro Enterprise users.

Errors no longer present when rating and shipping zip codes containing more than five characters with FedEx SameDay® City API. Previously, Ship To and Ship From addresses containing a zip code consisting of more than five characters could not be processed. Note that only the first five characters are passed to the carrier.

UPDATED: March 08, 2021