SendSuite Tracking version 14.5 Release Notes (October 15, 2020)

SendSuite Tracking Release Notes for version14.5 (October 15, 2020).
Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking

New Features

This section describes the major new features or enhancements that are included in this release.

SendSuite Mobile. Manifest Delivered To.

When using a Manifest format to deliver, the Delivered To Employee Name field is now pre-populated with the item recipient's name. A new employee may be selected by tapping the field to activate the employee popup.

PBIL. Tracking Number.

SendSuite Tracking will now send to PBIL the entire barcode value to PBIL instead of just the tracking number. This will ensure a significantly higher match rate when scanning package barcodes at the locker.

SendSuite Mobile. Recipient List Download.

SendSuite Mobile will now only download recipients assigned to the same site as is the user logging in.

SmartClient. Locker Support.

In support of Lockers, the UTEXT1 field is now available on all Locker screens.

SendSuite Admin. SendSuite Mobile Pairing QR Code.

Non-administrative users may now log into SendSuite Admin to produce a SendSuite Mobile Pairing QR code, negating the need for administrator involvement.

SendSuite Mobile. Popup Data Download.

During SendSuite Mobile synchronization, popup data will only be downloaded if a layout is configured to use popups.

SendSuite Mobile. Group Count Reset.

The number of steps required to reset the Group Count to zero has been reduced.

SendSuite Mobile. Site Selection.

SendSuite Mobile will now automatically apply the site to which the logged-in user is assigned. Users may still change sites in the SendSuite Mobile app settings.


Support Items

This section includes items that have been raised via Support and escalated to Development for resolution within this release.

SendSuite Admin. Copy Receivers from Tracking to Locker System Task Behavior.

The 'Copy Receivers from Tracking to Locker System' task for Locker integration will now only send to PBIL new records instead of reloading the entire table.

Lockers. STALEINLOCKER Status.

When receiving a STALEINLOCKER status update from PBIL, the status will now show accurately in SendSuite Tracking.

SendSuite Admin. Copy Package Status from Tracking to Locker System Task Interval.

For integrated Lockers, the 'Copy Package Status from Tracking to Locker System' task is now set to execute at 5-minute interval.

SendSuite Mobile. Popup Conditions.

Resolved an issue whereby filter conditions were not being honored for downloading popup list data.

Smart Client. Lockers Screen.

Corrected an issue that caused erratic behavior when searching for packages in the Lockers screen.

Designer. Multiple Conditions.

Resolved an issue whereby conditions would fail to execute if there are multiple conditions on the screen.

SendSuite Tracking. Log Time for Locker Packages.

SendSuite Tracking will now use the timestamp in the PBIL message as the Log Time instead of the time at which the message was read.

SendSuite Tracking. Locker Integration.

To improve overall data integrity, SendSuite Tracking and PBIL will implement use of the PIECEID value in addition to the tracking number to sync package data.

SendSuite Tracking. Twilio Integration.

The components required to send SMS messages via Twilio has been updated to implement the minimum TLS 1.2 standard.

SendSuite Admin. SendSuite Mobile Notification Setup.

Corrected an issue whereby newly created notification records did not display in the list of records.

Smart Client. Locker Sizes.

Corrected an issue whereby not all available locker sizes were listed and selectable for new packages.

SendSuite Mobile. Multiple Conditions.

Resolved a problem in which the OR operand in a condition filter rendered the condition inoperable.

SendSuite Admin. Recipient ETL Import with IsADA.

The ETL data map has been updated to allow for the IsADA flag on a recipient import.

SendSuite Admin. Recipient ID Value.

SendSuite Tracking has been adjusted to allow for hyphens ( - ) and underscores ( _ ) in the Recipient ID value.

Smart Client. Package Alerts.

Resolved an issue whereby some package alerts would not display in the Smart Client.

SendSuite Mobile. Site Filtering.

Corrected an issue in which the site filter did not function as designed.

SendSuite Admin. ETL Export Date Format.

Scheduled ETL exports with a date field will now adhere to the localized date format instead of only the US format.

SendSuite Admin. Custom Recipient IDs.

Resolved an issue whereby using a custom recipient ID in Recipient Maintenance would result in the system replacing the value with an auto-generated ID.

SendSuite Mobile. Offline Operation.

Corrected a problem that resulted in user records not being downloaded to SendSuite Mobile, preventing users from logging in while in off-line mode.

SendSuite Tracking. OpenJDK.

Due to Java licensing restrictions imposed by Oracle, SendSuite Tracking now employs OpenJDK exclusively.

SendSuite Admin. Cosmetics.

Made several aesthetic improvements.

SendSuite Tracking Installer. Upgrade SQL Script Failures.

Some SQL scripts have been improved to avoid insert statement failures during product upgrade.

SendSuite Mobile. Replicated Package Status Options.

Corrected a problem that led to replicated Package Status dropdown list options.

SendSuite Tracking. Security.

Resolved a security vulnerability related to accessing cookies.

UPDATED: May 17, 2021