SendPro Enterprise version 8.34.2 Release Notes (June 9, 2020)

SendPro Enterprise Release Notes for version 8.34.2 (June 9, 2020).
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


The following other changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

FedEx. Updated output rules for ETDs.

Output generation logic for FedEx Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) has been updated to address an issue whereby the IsInternational flag would override rules defining if a country supports ETD. Now, ETD outputs are only requested for shipments where the outbound and inbound destinations support ETD.

FedEx Web Services. Added missing database value.

The ProductID value is now correctly stored in the SendPro Enterprise database. The change ensures that the IntegratorID, used in FedEx requests, is correctly mapped in carrier transactions.

Hazardous shipping. Updated handling of commodity information for multipack shipments.

Commodity information is now passed for all packages in a multipack hazardous shipment, where previously, the detail was only included for the shipment’s first package.

Desktop Shipping App. Updated returns processing.

Performing return shipments in the Desktop Shipping App now functions as expected. Previously, errors occurred as the SenderEmail element was not passed in the request.

Personal Shipping. Improved email notification error reporting.

If an error occurs when sending Personal Shipping emails, details of the error are now captured and included in the ship response. Error data is passed in a Warning node contained in the Status element of each package.

ACE Portal. Updates to required data in EEI filing requests.

The TransportReference element is now optional when submitting EEI filing requests to ACE Portal.

Administration App. Resolved duplicate output creation during onboarding.

Resolved an issue whereby using the onboarding wizard (Set Up My System) to configure multiple ERR accounts caused duplicate Certified Mail Labels and Certified Mail Package Labels to be created.

Electronic Submission. Corrected handling when operating with multiple USPS ERR accounts.

The correct USPS ERR account is now used when processing ERR shipments. Previously, all transactions were processed under the default account, even if a different account was selected during shipping.

UPS API. Improved weight logic for Sure Post services.

When operating with the service UPS SurePost® Less than 1 lb, the package weight is now displayed in ounces to the tenth. Previously, errors presented as incorrect weights were passed to the carrier.

FedEx Web Services. Updated display of commodity detail on ETD outputs.

Commodity detail now displays as expected on the FedEx ETD Commercial Invoice, whereby previously Number of Packages was shown incorrectly. This was due to issues when submitting the Commodities NumberOfPieces node to the carrier.

UPS Consolidated. Windows printing for outputs now functions as expected.

Resolved issues whereby Commercial Invoices for UPS Consolidated shipments would not print if the printer type was set to Windows.

SendPro Enterprise. Default App configuration now functions as expected.

Users are now directed to their configured default App upon login. This is set using the Default App field when editing users in the Administration App.

UPS API. Updated handling of Sold To detail.

Resolved an issue whereby Ship To information was always passed in the Sold To address node for international UPS API shipments; now receiver data is only passed if no other data is available. The product will first check for Importer of Record detail, and if not available, pass the Bill To address. If neither of these elements are populated, only then is the Ship To address used. Additionally, improved the mappings of the Shipping Apps’ Importer of Record tab.

Personal Shipping. Improvements to voiding.

Personal Shipments with the status In Transit can now be voided, giving users more flexibility in their Personal Shipping transactions. Note that following tracking, the product returns one of two statuses: Delivered or In Transit. Shipments with the status In Transit may include packages that have not yet been shipped. This is due to the current tracking logic, which is set to be improved in a subsequent release. This logic only applies to shipments processed via the Personal Shipping App. This change was made as a temporary resolution; we are currently reviewing tracking capabilities as a whole in an effort to better serve our customers and stay on the cutting edge of tracking technology.

SaaS Transportation. Removed unsupported services.

Unsupported carrier services have been removed when operating with SaaS Transportation. For supported carrier services, see SaaS Transportation Reference.

UPS API. Improved processing when voiding Mail Innovations shipments.

When voided, UPS API shipments operating with Mail Innovations services are now correctly shown as voided in the SendPro Enterprise database. Previously, errors presented concerning an invalid or missing ShipmentIdentificationNumber.

MailCenter App. Changed activation logic of Return button.

The MailCenter App’s Return button now only enables after all required fields are populated.



The following changes have been implemented for SendPro Enterprise Apps:

Warehouse | Store | Supplier | Desktop | Desktop Shipping

  • Updated handling of Sold To detail.


  • Changed activation logic of return button.
  • Updated handling of Sold To detail.

UPDATED: March 08, 2021