SendPro Enterprise version 8.34.0 Release Notes (June 9, 2020)

SendPro Enterprise Release Notes for version 8.34.0 (June 9, 2020).
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


The following are known potential breaking changes:

What has Changed: Usernames can no longer contain spaces. Upon upgrade to 8.34.0, email addresses will be substituted for usernames for any accounts on which the username contains a space.

What to do: Ensure accounts with usernames containing spaces have a unique and valid email address configured on their account. Communicate to impacted users that their login credentials will change to use their registered email address.


The following headline enhancements have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

Shipping Apps. Support for additional freight options.

Two new App settings, Use Freight Pallet Weight and Default Pallet Weight, have been added to the Warehouse, Store, Supplier and MailCenter Apps, enabling users to configure default weights for freight shipments. It defaults to 40lbs. If set, rateshop requests will include the pallet weight in freight carrier rate requests.

Stamps App. Reprinting now supported for stamp rolls.

Stamps printed from roll can now be reprinted via the App’s History tab. To align with existing logic, only one reprint per request is allowed, and must be processed within 24 hours of the original transaction.

View App. Extended document management options.

New options have been added to the View App, enabling users to download and email shipment documents.

HubCapp. XML response forwarding.

Added ability to include client request data. An additional parameter has been added to the Data Agent Xml Response Proxy snippet, which when enabled includes the client request XML within the forwarded XML response. The parameter, Send Request Data, defaults to False.

Apps. Improvements to local storage.

Local storage is no longer cleared when a user logs out, and unless manually deleted, is only refreshed after one hour has elapsed.

Reports. Support for custom reporting.

Added the ability to generate custom SendPro Enterprise reports via the Reports App. Custom reports are added and managed via the Manage Reports page of the Administration App’s Outputs tab. Reports are assigned a category when added; new categories can be created during upload or using the new Report Categories tab. For detail, see Outputs - Manage Reports.

Apps. Improvements to Support tray.

The Support tray in the App header has been renamed to Help, and can now be opened with the hotkey F1.

SendPro Enterprise. Support for localization.

Added support for additional currency options, which can be configured for use either via Consolidated Defaults, for opening consolidated trailers, or using the Localization tray whilst shipping.

Additionally, the Localization tray has been added to the top bar of the Warehouse, Store and Supplier Apps, enabling users to configure the units of measure and currency used during shipping.

Data Management. Improvements when operating with remote locations.

The following changes have been implemented in the Import/Export wizard when operating with Dropbox and SFTP locations:

  • Replaced the previous Folder Location text input field with a folder browser for both Dropbox and SFTP imports, allowing users to choose a destination folder, and create new folders as required.
  • If connection to the remote location fails, the product resets and allows re-entry of the connection details.
  • Removed the Test Connection option.



The following changes have been implemented for SendPro Enterprise Apps:

SendPro Enterprise. UPS API 2019 Certification.

In light of UPS API Certification, the following changes have been made:

  • Added support for UPS Worldwide Economy (WWE) and Master Carton consolidated shipping with two new carrier services:
    • UPS® Worldwide Economy DDU
    • UPS® Worldwide Economy DDP
  • Added support for Hazardous Shipping with UPS API. In support:
    • New document supported for UPS API, Hazardous Shipping Papers. Note that the output requires UPS provided label stock for printing.
    • Added a new App setting to the MailCenter App, allowing users to define which carrier to use for Hazardous processing. The setting, Third Party Hazardous Carrier, is configured in SendPro Enterprise Admin, and must be set to 3 to operate with UPS API. For detail, see App Settings.
    • Renamed the DGIS Lookup column, in the MailCenter App’s line items table, to Hazardous Lookup.
  • Added support for UPS Signature Tracking (SPOD). This functionality is available in the View App.
  • Residential Surcharge is now returned when rating with a residential address.
  • New functions supported for UPS API:
    • Consolidated Shipment Open
    • Consolidated Shipment Delete
    • Consolidated Shipment Close
    • Hazardous Material Validate
    • Hazardous Material Lookup
  • In addition, renamed the following services to align with carrier requirements:
    • UPS Expedited Mail Innovations® renamed to UPS Mail Innovations® Expedited
    • UPS Priority Mail Innovations renamed to UPS Mail Innovations® Priority
    • UPS Economy Mail Innovations renamed to UPS Mail Innovations® Economy

SaaS Transportation. Added new carrier.

SendPro Enterprise now supports the carrier SaaS Transportation.

FedEx Web Services. Added support for FedEx Signature Proof of Delivery (SPOD).

FedEx Signature Proof of Delivery is now supported in SendPro Enterprise for select FedEx Web Services shipments. Following delivery, recipient signatures are displayed in the View App.

PB Shipping API. Added support for additional sender signature configuration.

Added a new setting, PB Shipping API CP72 Sender Signature, used to populate the Sender’s Signature field of the CP72 Customs Document. Note that if the SenderSignatureName element is passed in the ship request, it will override the setting.



The following other changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

Google Chrome. Updates to cookie handling.

The latest release of Google Chrome (version 80) alters the default configuration of the SameSite cookie. This change impacts customer hosted installations of the SendPro Enterprise IdP which are operating with HTTP as the binding protocol. Use the following steps to correct affected systems:

  1. Open Google Chrome on the device used to access SendPro Enterprise.
  2. Navigate to chrome://flags
  3. In the search bar, enter SameSite
  4. Locate SameSite by default cookies and Cookies without SameSite must be secure, and from the dropdown, ensure both are set to Disabled.
  5. A Relaunch appears in the bottom right of the screen. Click to apply the changes and restart the browser.

Apps. Improved conversion accuracy between measurement systems.

Apps that translate values between imperial and metric now perform a more accurate conversion.

Data Management. Various improvements.

Implemented the following improvements to Data Management functionality:

  • Updated exception information logged when operating with Dropbox locations.
  • Resolved issue whereby running an export template referencing a deleted Dropbox folder would recreate the target folder. Now, if a template includes a deleted folder, the export will fail.
  • Improved file status logging on imports where one or more of the files from the source folder no longer exist.

Rating. Removed redundant element from rate response.

A number of Apps have been updated to remove a legacy Shipping element from rate responses.

Shipping Apps. Resolved tooltip display issues.

Tooltips in hazardous shipping popups now function as expected.

Personal Shipping App. Return addresses now handled correctly.

Return addresses are now accurately populated on labels when the Use as Return Address checkbox is enabled from the Ship From tab. Previously, if the Ship From address was edited, the return address was not updated.

Data Management. Updated handling of large data sets for load-balanced environments.

Imports of large data sets are now processed successfully for load-balanced deployments, where previously time out errors occurred.

Data Management. Removed incorrect elements when exporting User Defaults.

Personal Shipping account detail is no longer included when exporting User Defaults data sets.



The following changes have been implemented for SendPro Enterprise Apps:

Warehouse | Store | Supplier

  • Support for UPS API 2019
  • Removed redundant element from rate response
  • Support for SaaS Transportation

Desktop | Desktop Shipping | Route

  • Removed redundant element from rate response
  • MailCenter
  • Support for UPS API 2019
  • Removed redundant element from rate response


  • Support for UPS API 2019
  • Extended document management options
  • Added support for FedEx Signature Proof of Delivery (SPOD)


  • Reprinting now supported for stamp rolls
  • Removed redundant element from rate response

Personal Shipping

  • Return address now handled correctly

UPDATED: August 14, 2021