SendPro Enterprise version 8.34.1 Release Notes (June 9, 2020)

SendPro Enterprise Release Notes for version 8.34.1 (June 9, 2020).
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


The following headline enhancements have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

Personal Shipping. Updated handling of carrier configuration.

Carriers only configured for use with Personal Shipping no longer show as setup on the Administration App’s Setup My Carriers home page. Additionally, Personal Shipping carriers will not show in product shipping Apps unless they are also configured for standard shipping.

Personal Shipping. Improvements to default Ship From configuration.

Users can now set an alternative default Ship From address for operation with the Personal Shipping App. This can be configured via the Address Book, or using the new Set as my Personal Shipping ship from address checkbox in the App. If not set, SendPro Enterprise will continue to use the default profile information for the logged-in user.

Personal Shipping. Introduced support for new output.

A new output type, Personal Shipping Label, has been added to SendPro Enterprise. The output is exclusively used for Personal Shipments. Note that standard shipping labels can no longer be used for shipments processed in the Personal Shipping App.

End Of Day. Updated reprinting logic.

Active report documents that failed to generate during the End Of Day process can now be reprinted by the user. When reprinted, the system will attempt to regenerate the output and print if successful.



The following other changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

HubCapp. Added validation to Peripheral Config Settings snippet.

The Peripheral Config Settings snippet now validates credentials on save; error messages display if invalid details are entered.

Apps. Updates to hotkey mappings.

The functionality of the F12 hotkey has been changed to use F10. This is due to universal inbuilt browser behavior whereby F12 is used to open developer tools. The change applies to the MailCenter, Warehouse, Store and Supplier Apps where F12 was used as a Ship shortcut. Additionally, the change applies to the Batch Meter App, where F12 was used to open a batch.

Reports. Resolved issues with Account IDs.

The correct Account ID is now passed when generating the PB Shipping API - USPS Account Balance report; previously, account information was taken from the default carrier permissions, regardless of the account in use.

Shipping Apps. Updated handling of Pick Best Rate option.

Processing shipments with the Pick Best Rate option enabled now functions as expected, where previously the Apps would fail to load when rating. This was due to a missing RequiredDate node in the ship, rate and rateshop requests.

Loomis. Special Handling special service now displays correctly.

A dropdown has been added to the Special Services lookup when operating with the Loomis Special Handling service; the dropdown enables users to select a relevant value (Non-Standard Packaging, Fragile, Special Handling) when applying the service to shipments.

Personal Shipping. Updated handling of international rate groups.

The identification logic of the Personal Shipping international rate group has been simplified. Previously, this was done at the carrier service level, potentially causing errors if the services were edited.

Shipping Apps. Resolved Package/Freight tab display.

An issue has been corrected whereby both the Package and Freight tabs displayed in the shipping Apps on load.

FedEx Web Services. Resolved handling of hazardous shipping.

Processing hazardous shipments with FedEx Ground now functions as expected; previously the ContainerType and NumberOfContainers elements were not included in the carrier request.

SendPro Enterprise. Corrected database connection errors.

An issue has been resolved whereby SendPro Enterprise could not connect to the database when operating with a connection string set to WindowsAuth mode. There is a new version of SendPro Enterprise Setup (3.28.0).

Warehouse App. Carton Selection now handled correctly.

Carton Selection is now handled as expected in the Shipping Apps, where previously configuring the field disabled the dimension input fields for other packages not using a specified carton type.

Hazardous shipping. Updated FedEx handling of hazardous outputs.

The Hazardous Shippers Declaration document now prints as expected when operating with FedEx Web Services.

Purolator Courier Server. Loomis. Corrected issues with special services.

The Delivery Confirmation - Signature Required special service now functions as expected with Purolator, where previously the carrier-specific name for the service was not handled correctly in SendPro Enterprise. Additionally, errors have been resolved when operating with the Loomis special service Special Handling.

Voiding. Corrected handling via the View snippet.

An issue has been resolved whereby duplicate error messages would appear when voiding using the View snippet.

Task Scheduler. Tasks now run as expected.

An issue has been corrected whereby scheduled tasks did not run correctly. This is now resolved.



The following Carrier Changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

eFreight. Added new carrier.

SendPro Enterprise now supports the carrier eFreight.



The following changes have been implemented for SendPro Enterprise Apps:

Warehouse | Store | Supplier

  • Updated handling of Pick Best Rate option.
  • Changes to hotkey mappings.


  • Updated handling of Pick Best Rate option.

Batch Meter

  • Changes to hotkey mappings.

Personal Shipping

  • Improvements to default Ship From configuration.

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