SendSuite Live version 7.33.0 Release Notes (July 18, 2019)

SendSuite Live Release Notes for version 7.33.0 (July 18, 2019).
Products affected: SendSuite® Live


This section describes the major new features or enhancements that are included in this release.

UPS Consolidated. Added New Carrier Service

Support has been added for the carrier service UPS Express 12:00.

Note: The carrier service display order has been reset; this will impact users operating with a custom list.

Requests. Improved Handling of Pierbridge List Request

The product now handles Pierbridge List requests correctly, where previously passing an invalid Shipment Requisition ID caused the system to fail. In addition, the Content Line Item Entry control no longer requests records unless it has an ID greater than 0.



This section includes items that have been raised via Support and escalated to Development for resolution within this release.

Email Notifications. Resolve Issue with Shipment Notifier

An error has been corrected whereby Shipment Notifier emails contained detail pertaining to older shipments.

Parcel Line Item Entry with Hazardous JOCs. Enhanced Support for Large Data Sets

The way Parcel Line Item Entry with Hazardous JOCs handle data has been updated, correcting issues whereby the controls did not load correctly. Now, only the top 10 search results are returned for each product search.

In addition, if more than 100,000 products are detected the controls will automatically alter the product search to a "StartsWith" text search over the previous "contains" search. The “contains” search employs a new index from the [Products] database table named IX_Products_ProductName. It is recommended that the [Products] table be reviewed to ensure the index does not exist prior to upgrade, and that the ProductName column is not included in a duplicate index that has been added manually.

This behavior can be altered within the script by setting the value of the "StartsWithProductsFiltering" property to False. Note that the property defaults to True and must be altered before operating with the control.

Note: This change also applies for Parcel Line Item Entry With Sub Lines properties.

This item includes an updated Database Schema.

PB Shipping API – USPS. Corrected Commitment Date Logic

Commitment Dates for PB Shipping API – USPS transactions are now stored in the database with the correct date and time stamp. Previously, date and time values were converted inaccurately.

FedEx Server. FedEx Web Services. Improvements to Package Dimension Handling

The following changes have been made to package dimension handling:

  • If the values provided are below the minimum specified by FedEx, the product substitutes the required minimum required values (1x1x1) over the provided dimensions. This logic has been applied for both FedEx Server and FedEx Web Services.

For FedEx Server, the dimensions provided are automatically sorted to ensure that the largest dimension is passed as the length.

Purolator Courier. Updated Voiding Process

Upon voiding Purolator shipments with the PackageID the product no longer presents a warning to the user, outlining that package level voiding is not supported, and cancels the void. Now, the entire shipment will be voided when actioned. Also, refer to the Possible Breaking Changes section of these release notes.

FedEx Web Services. Improved Validation for DGIS Transactions

FedEx Web Services DGIS shipments now validate as expected; previously validation was not applied to DGIS transactions with this carrier. Also, refer to the XML Schema Changes section of these release notes.



This section contains information about minor changes and corrections. It can include issues raised in previous releases that have been corrected.

Requests. Changed Logic for Number and Currency Separators

Resolved an issue whereby full stop “.” and “comma” characters were omitted when operating with UPS, causing errors when handling data such as currency and dimensions. Requests have been updated to include default values for these required separators. Also, refer to the XML Schema Changes section.

FedEx Freight Web Services. Updated Handling of Multiple Address Lines

Shipments with more than one address line for billing addresses are now processed correctly. Previously, shipments with multiple address line would error.

Hazardous Shipping. Resolved Issue with Passing Data to ConnectShip

HazardousPackingInstructions are now passed to ConnectShip as expected. Also, refer to the XML Schema Changes section of these release notes.

Product. Resolved Output Generation Following Application Pool Errors

If a Stored Procedure returns no result, and causes an Application Pool error during processing, the system will now skip the generation of the current Active Report output and move onto subsequent configured outputs. Previously, no documents were created following an Application Pool error.



This section lists all changes that have the potential to break legacy functionality. Please review the contents of this section before updating any project to understand the changes that are being made and any actions that you need to take prior to applying the patches.

Change: A warning message outlining that package level voiding is not supported no longer presents when voiding Purolator shipments with the PackageID; the entire shipment will be voided.

Action: Verify the entire shipment is voided.



The following XML Schema changes are included in this release.

For Schema Name:

  • Pierbridge Ship Request
  • Pierbridge Rate Request
  • Pierbridge Return Request

Added the following:

  • Default values for required number and currency separators.

For Schema Name:

  • Pierbridge Ship Request
  • Pierbridge Rate Request

Resolved the following:

  • Issue with passing HazardousPackingInstructions to ConnectShip

For Schema Name:

  • Pierbridge Hazardous
  • Shipment Validate Request

Corrected the following:

  • DGIS validation for FedEx Web Services shipments

UPDATED: August 14, 2021