Delivering a package with a reservation into the Intelligent Lockers

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Products affected: Intelligent Lockers

Once you have received a package into the receiving program and made a locker reservation for it, you will need to deliver it by placing it into the locker bank.

  1. From the Welcome screen on the kiosk, touch anywhere on the screen to begin.
    Delivering Package s into
  2. Tap Delivery.
  3. Scan the barcode on your ID badge, or tap Enter manually, type in your ID, and tap Enter.
    Delivering Package s into_1Delivering Package s into_2
  4. Scan the tracking barcode on the carrier delivery label. If the barcode cannot be scanned, tap Can’t scan, enter the tracking number manually, and tap Enter.
    Delivering Package s into_3Delivering Package s into_4
  5. The system searches for a current reservation for the package. If a reservation is found, the reserved locker opens and the screen says Locker opened: # with the number of the locker that was opened.
    Delivering Package s into_5Delivering Package s into_6
  6. Place the item inside of the opened locker and close the door.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for all remaining packages to be delivered.
    Note: When you scan the next barcode, the system automatically marks the previous package as delivered, so you do not need to tap Delivered until the last package has been delivered.
  8. After the final package is scanned and placed in a locker, you must tap the Delivered button, then tap Done.
    Note: If the package was not delivered, but Not delivered is not tapped, the system will erroneously assume that the package was delivered.

If you did not or could not deliver a package into a locker:

  1. Tap the Not delivered button.
    Note: If you scan the same barcode again, the system assumes that the last package was not delivered and selects Not delivered for you.
  2. Select one of the Not delivered options:
    • Cancel delivery: Use this to cancel the reservation and take the package back to the mailroom.
    • Reopen: Use this if you closed the locker without putting the package inside.
    • Reassign: Use this for a package that does not fit into a locker and needs to be reassigned to a different locker size.
    • Back: Use this to go back to the previous screen.
      Delivering Package s into_7
  3. If you selected Reassign, select a different locker size. The new locker opens. Place the package inside and close the locker.
    Delivering Package s into

UPDATED: August 14, 2021