Adding a user in PBIL for Intelligent Lockers

Products affected: PBIL

In order for users to be able to pick up packages from the lockers, you must first add them to PBIL.

Only users with permission can perform this function.

  1. Sign in to PBIL.
  2. From the Lookup Data menu at the top, select Users.
  3. Click the add user icon.
  4. Fill in the user information. There is a description under each field to explain how it is used.
    Important: If you use receiving software such as SendSuite® Tracking or SendSuite® Tracking Online, the Receiver Code in PBIL must match the identifier in your receiving software.
  5. In the Permissions the user is granted field, select the permissions for this user. By default, new users only have permission to pickup packages. To select more than one permission, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on them. To select all permissions, click on the first one, scroll to the bottom, and hold down the Shift key while clicking on the last one.
  6. Click Submit to save the user.

UPDATED: February 26, 2021