Submit a Tax Exemption Certificate

Information on how to apply a tax exemption form for an account that should not be charged sales and similar Taxes.
Pitney Bowes may be required or permitted to collect sales and similar taxes on the equipment we sell, rent and lease. If your organization is exempt from having to pay such taxes to governmental agencies, a completed state sales tax exemption certificate must be submitted to Pitney Bowes.
❗ IMPORTANT: Federal tax certificates cannot be submitted for state sales tax exemptions.

Submit a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Certificates can be submitted to with the following information:
  • Account Number 
  • Contact Name 
  • Contact Number
  • Any previous invoice numbers to be corrected  
    • Note: Once the certificate is received a notification email will be sent to confirm the update. 
Request a Sales Tax Breakout 
The total amount charged for a lease contract may include transactions that are not chargeable. In these instances, the sales tax calculation may not match the amount charged on the invoice. 
  • A breakout of how the sales tax has been charged can be requested by Creating a Case

UPDATED: September 06, 2023