SendPro Enterprise version 8.30.0 Release Notes (August 21, 2019)

SendPro Enterprise Release Notes for version 8.30.0 Release Notes (August 21, 2019).
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


The following headline enhancements have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

New App. Personal Shipping.

Introduced support for the Personal Shipping App, allowing users to process and pay for shipments using their own payment methods. The App provides users with a streamlined workflow guiding them through the complete shipping process. In support:

  • Added a new Personal Shipping workflow option to the Desktop App.
  • Added the App settings Show Personal Shipping App Link and Personal Shipping App Name for the Desktop App.
  • Added a new email template, Personal Shipment Notifier, which generates emails following a Personal Shipping transaction.
  • Added a new task, Shipment Adjustments Processor, handling any changes in shipment costs following processing.

Authentication. SAML.

Support for redirect following failed login. SAML validation has been updated to allow redirection of users to a configurable web page in the event that logging into the system fails. In support, added the setting Login Failure Redirect URI, configured in the Security tab of SendPro Enterprise Admin.

Data Management. Support for new exportable entities.

Added the data management entities Shipment Transactions and Shipment Special Services, which can be exported via the Data Management functionality for use outside the product.

USPS. Electronic Submission.

Added data elements to PDX upload. To enhance diagnostics and error handling, added user agent information to the Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) upload HTTP request header. The data, USPS Vendor Code and current software version number, is taken from settings in the SendPro Enterprise database.



The following other changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

Snippets. Updated handling of special characters when searching.

Searching with the ampersand "&" character for billing codes (Cost Centers, Company Codes, Accounts Codes) in SendPro Enterprise snippets now functions as expected. Previously, errors presented and the search would not be completed.

FedEx Web Services. FedEx Server.

Corrected special service error. The special service Export Control License Expiry Date now functions as expected. Previously, the date value was not retained.

Desktop App. Removed redundant option from Electronic Certified workflow.

The Request email notification when delivered checkbox has been removed from the Electronic Certified workflow as no email delivery options are available for this process.

UPS API. International Shipping.

Terms of Sale now handled correctly. When shipping internationally, Terms of Sale FOB are now passed to UPS API as expected within the TermsOfShipment element of the request.

Shipping Apps. Updated handling of Army Post Office (APO) addresses.

APO address detection now includes sender information, where previously only Ship To data was checked. This resolves issues whereby shipping from APO addresses failed.

Desktop Shipping App. Amended package type logic.

Package Type selection now displays as expected when processing multi-pack shipments in the Desktop Shipping App. Previously, the default package type was used regardless of the package type set in the App.

MailCenter App. Corrected display when editing hazardous contents.

All text now displays correctly when editing shipping contents in the Hazardous Material Detail popup.

Reports. Delivery Status now correctly handles data sets.

The Carrier report Delivery Status now functions as expected. Previously, the report errored due to issues retrieving data for multiple records.

Voiding. Amended handling of package level voiding.

Packages are now handled correctly when voided. Previously, a package could be voided multiple times, even if displaying as voided at the package level.

Special Services Snippet. Updating handling with rate groups.

An issue has been resolved whereby the removeValue method of the Special Service snippet did not function if used with a rate group. This corrects errors where special services were still applied to the shipment, even if unchecked.

Reports. Various improvements.

ActiveReport outputs printed via client printing can now be rotated and resized as required. Additionally, corrected handling of the PB Shipping API Account Balance report if no transactions had been completed on the account.

Profiles. Updated handling of default location values.

If not otherwise stated, the DefaultLocationID is now automatically set to the Location configured for the profile. The fix resolves errors whereby profiles did not display in the Administration App.



The following changes have been implemented for SendPro Enterprise Apps:

MailCenter | Certified Mail | Stamps | Batch Meter | Supervisor

  • Snippets. Updated handling of special characters when searching.


  • Support for Personal Shipping App.
  • Snippets. Updated handling of special characters when searching.
  • Removed redundant option from Electronic Certified workflow.

Desktop Shipping

  • Amended package type logic.
  • Snippets. Updated handling of special characters when searching.

Personal Shipping

  • New App.

UPDATED: March 08, 2021