Cleaning the printhead on the AddressRight 100, 200, and 300

Learn how to clean the printhead on the AddressRight 100, 200, and 300.
Products affected: AddressRight® 100 Printer, AddressRight® 200 Printer, AddressRight® 300 Printer

Maintain good print quality by keeping printheads clean. During printing, ink spray, paper fibers, and dust build up on the printheads. This buildup eventually degrades print quality. If you notice problems with print quality, or to prevent a buildup from occurring, wipe the printhead with a wet fiberless, lint-free cloth.

Cloth should be:

Cloth should not be:


Fiberless, lint-free

Moistened with water
(Distilled is best but tap water works)


Made of small fibers

Dry or contain chemical additives

Wipe slowly across the long axis with the printhead facing down (as shown). DO NOT apply excessive force, as this could scratch the nozzle area.

Cleaning Printhead_250x187

UPDATED: August 14, 2021