Assembling and connecting the AddressRight 300 Feeder

Learn how to assemble and connect the AddressRight 300 Feeder.
Products affected: AddressRight® 300 Feeder

Important: Feeder installation and setup should only be performed by a qualified Pitney Bowes Representative.

  1. Unpack the feeder.
  2. Install the two side guides using the four screws [A] supplied (two on each side).
    Completing System Assembly_287x192
  3. Place the feeder on a flat level surface.
  4. Plug the feeder into a properly grounded receptacle.

To permanently mount the feeder:

  1. Remove the four rubber feet.
  2. Place the feeder on the feeder base to align it with other inline components such as printers and tabbers. The exit end of the feeder faces the closed end of the base. The feeder's rubber feet fit into the recesses on top of the base [B].

UPDATED: August 14, 2021