Adjusting the envelope openers on the Relay 5000 - Relay 8000

Adjust the envelope openers on the Relay 5000, Relay 6000, Relay 7000 and Relay 8000 inserters to ensure envelopes feed correctly.​​​​​​​
Products affected: Relay™ 5000, Relay™ 6000, Relay™ 7000, Relay™ 8000

Follow these steps to adjust the envelope openers:
  1. Press Loading Instructions and Pre-run Adjustments.
  2. Press Pre-run Adjustments.
  3. Press Envelope Opener Settings.
  4. Press Trial Piece.
  5. Open the front cover and the insertion covers.
  6. Push the envelope openers down. All 5 fingers should just enter the envelope.
  7. Adjust the blue knobs on the top to reposition the fingers from side to side.
  8. Adjust the blue knobs on the fingers to adjust how far forward the fingers reach.
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UPDATED: April 04, 2022