How to load a high capacity envelope feeder on the Relay 7000 and Relay 8000

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Products affected: Relay™ 7000, Relay™ 8000
Watch this video to learn how to load a high capacity envelope feeder, or follow the directions after the video.

To load a high capacity envelope feeder:
  1. Place a single envelope in the bottom of the high capacity envelope feeder.
  2. Adjust the side guides to within 1/8th inch of the material.
  3. Insert an envelope into the high capacity envelope feeder with the bottom edge of the envelope against the center guide in line with the two screws, and the corner of the envelope inserted into the slot in the back prop. 
  4. Lock the blue locking lever.
  5. Lift up on the separator adjustment lever.
  6. Insert the envelope with the flap up and leading so the separator wheel sits directly over the glue line.
  7. Drop the locking lever down and lock it into place.
  8. Place a single envelope into the bottom of the high capacity envelope with the feeder flap down trailing.
  9. Place several smaller shingled stacks to raise the envelope level up the ramp.
  10. Continue loading larger stacks to the desired level while keeping a neat and straight stack.
  11. Place the weight on top of the stack of envelopes.

UPDATED: June 29, 2021