Understanding your printer LED light codes for the PB-SP100 Printer

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Products affected: PB-SP100

The LED Lights on the top of the PB-SP100 Printer indicate the status of the printer in operation.


The table below explains what the different light combinations mean.

Green OnGreen OnReady Mode
Green OnRed FlashingPrint Cancel Mode- Wait
Green FlashingRed OnPrint is temporarily paused- Wait
Green FlashingGreen FlashingPrint Standby Mode- Wait
Orange OnOrange OnMode Switching Notification
Red OnOrange OnError- Media Stoppage/ Jam
Red OnGreen FlashingError- Printer Head Overheating
Red OnOrange FlashingError- No Media/Label Roll Empty
Red OnRed FlashingCover Open
Red OnOffError- Media Calibration Failure

For how to change your label roll please see- Changing the Label Roll in the 1E42 Datamax W1110 and PB-SP100 Printers.
For more information on how to self test or calibrate media please see the User Manual available on the Pitney Bowes Support page.

UPDATED: June 21, 2021