Using SendSuite Tracking Online mobile app in offline mode

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Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking Online
The SendSuite® Tracking Online mobile app provides support for offline receiving and delivery.

Be aware of the following when using the SendSuite Tracking Online mobile app offline:
  • You must be connected to WiFi or cellular in order to sign in to the SendSuite Tracking Online mobile app.
  • Once signed in, you may use the Receive, Edit, and Deliver functions while disconnected from WiFi or cellular.
  • Supported carrier barcodes will be successfully decoded while in offline mode.
  • Records created offline are saved locally on the device for up to 14 days. Records older than 14 days will be deleted and not uploaded.
  • Once the device is connected to WiFi or cellular, pending offline transactions are automatically uploaded.
  • The app's Search feature will retrieve any records which are stored locally and are less than or equal to 14 days old. Those records may be edited.
  • While in offline mode, if there are pending offline transactions that have not been uploaded, the following icon will appear in the device's notifications area:
SendSuite Tracking Online mobile app pending icon

UPDATED: April 08, 2021