Navigating the Print on Envelopes app on the SendPro C Auto

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Products affected: SendPro® C Auto 9H00

The Print on Envelopes app is the starting point for printing postage on an envelope or tape. It also allows you to change what you print.

To open the Print on Envelopes app, tap Print on Envelopes.

Envelope printing screen

On this screen, you can:

  1. Tap the weight to view the weighing options. You can enter the weight manually or use a scale.
  2. View the balance of funds you have remaining in your device.
  3. Tap the date to view the date options.
  4. View the total postage amount.
  5. Preview or add graphics.
  6. Tap Start to begin feeding and printing postage on the envelopes loaded on the feed deck. The Start button is only present on SendPro C models equipped with an automatic feeder.
  7. Tap Tape to begin printing postage on tape. To print more than one tape, tap the number next to Tape and enter the number of tapes. Tape is only present on SendPro C models equipped with an automatic feeder.
  8. Tap Class to view the class and any extra services.
  9. Tap Print Mode to access the Print Mode screen. This provides you with different printing modes such as adding graphics to your envelope, adding more postage, or making corrections to the date. You can also choose to seal envelopes without printing postage.

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UPDATED: August 05, 2021