Create a case for billing or service support

Learn how to create a support case online when you have account and billing questions, or for technical support for a product.
Sign in to Your Account online to create a case and get assistance for financial, account or technical support.

Creating an online support case

  1. Go to the signin page.
  2. Select the Support & Cases menu and click Create a Case
  3. Select an option for the type of support you are requesting 
    • Financial Support for requests relating to billing, invoices, charges and payments. 
    • Account Support for assistance with account changes, contracts, postage or order queries. 
    • Technical Support for assistance with meter equipment or apps. 
  4. Select a topic relevant to your query from Step 2 and Step 3. 
  5. Complete the 3 sections of the case form and select Submit to create your case. 
  6. After the request is submitted, a case number will appear for your reference. 
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UPDATED: February 06, 2024