Request Billing or Service Support

Learn how to easily create a support cases online when you have account and billing questions, or for technical service of a product.
If you have been unable to find an answer to a question within our online support pages, submit a request for assistance through the Your Account online portal.

To track the progression of an existing case, provide additional information or to follow up with agent working your case; see Managing support cases online for further information.

Creating an online support case

  1. Sign in to the Pitney Bowes Your Account online portal.
  2. Expand the Support & Cases dropdown from the top banner and select Create a Case
  3. Select an option for the type of issue you have.
    • Financial Support - Related to billing, payments, or want to inquire about a charge, etc.
    • Account Support - Related to contract details or looking to update your address etc.
    • Technical Support - Need product support i.e help clearing an error code
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the case creation.
  5. Once the request is successfully submitted, you will receive a case number. This information will also be provided via email. 
💡 Tip: Be sure to include any account, invoice or serial numbers relevant to your request to help us resolve the case more efficiently.

UPDATED: September 12, 2023