SendSuite Tracking version 14.0 Release Notes (May 2, 2019)

SendSuite Tracking version 14.0 Release Notes (May 2, 2019)
Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking
Current SendSuite Tracking installations must be at version 12.8 or higher in order to apply the 14.0 upgrade.

New Features

This section describes the major new features or enhancements that are included in this release.

SendSuite Mobile. Popup Filter.

Administrators now have the ability to create conditions (SendSuite Admin>Setup>Tools>Set Conditions) and apply them to SendSuite Mobile popup lists.

SendSuite Admin. New Configuration Menu.

Several, low-level settings (file paths, log maintenance, etc.) have been grouped into a new General System Settings tab. The remaining system settings (password rules, system behavior, etc.) will remain in the General Settings menu

SendSuite Mobile. Notify user of Available Update

SendSuite Mobile will now notify users when an update is available.

SendSuite Tracking. Microsoft Server 2019 Certification

SendSuite Tracking is now certified for installation in a Microsoft Server 2019 environment.

SendSuite Link. Java Updated.

SendSuite Link now ships with Java JRE 1.8 build 201

Smart Client. View Data Grid Filtering.

Users may now leverage enhanced filtering in Smart Client view screens. To enable the new view screens, enable them by checking Refilter Records in SendSuite Admin>Setup>General Settings.


Support Items

This section includes items that have been raised via Support and escalated to Development for resolution within this release.

SendSuite Admin. jQuery Updated.

SendSuite Admin has been updated to employ jQuery v3.3.1

SendSuite Admin/Web Modules. General Security Improvements

The following improvements to security have been employed:

  • Login Page. System Version Number - The SendSuite Tracking version number has been removed from the SendSuite Admin home page. To learn the system version number, a user must authenticate then select About from the menu.
  • Web Server. HTTP Headers - Web server versions have been removed from HTTP headers
  • Web Server. Web Service - Web service documentation has been made inaccessible.

Installer. Verify Compatible SQL Version.

The SendSuite Tracking installer will now query the instance to determine that the version is compatible with the product.

Smart Client. Searching Royal Mail and Amazon Tracking Numbers.

Resolved an issue in which Royal Mail and Amazon packages would not be returned when searching using Tracking Number as the index.

Installer. SQL Express Installation.

Provided information in the installer to aid the user with ensuring that provided passwords meet the Windows Password Policy.

Smart Client. HTML Report Output.

Corrected an issue which resulted in an error when a user elects to output a report to HTML.

Security Enhancement

Encrypted the password for the SST_User SQL login in a Datasrc.dbf table.

ConfigUtil. Crashing.

Corrected an issue in ConfigUtil that resulted in the error: "The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception".

SendSuite Admin. ETL.

Implemented user-friendly messages for errors related to uploading unsupported import files in ETL.

SendSuite Link. Installer.

Corrected an issue in which the installer would stall if the user-provided Vault Password exceeded 30 characters.

SendSuite Tracking. Upgrading

Resolved an issue where the From Address settings in the SMTP configuration were getting overwritten during an upgrade.

ConfigUtil. Enhancement.

Configutil has been modified to allow an authorized user to update the SST_User SQL Login password in the local datasrc.dbf table.

Smart Client. PO Dialog.

Selecting "Cancel" at the confirmation prompt now behaves properly and allows the user to continue where they left off.

Smart Client. Barcode Scanning.

Scanning barcodes to populate non-tracking number fields will no longer invoke the tracking number validation nor duplicate checking

SendSuite Tracking. Maildrop: ID.

Enforced maximum input and truncating to ensure that a Maildrop: ID value cannot exceed the maximum allowable 16 characters.


IMPORTANT: Special Considerations

SendSuite Desktop Support

SendSuite Tracking 12.5 and higher is not compatible with any version of SendSuite Desktop.

Limited Support for Windows

Beginning with v12.8, Windows 7 is supported only as a client workstation. Windows 7 may no longer be used as the operating system for a stand-alone system.

SQL Server Version Requirement

Beginning with version 12.5, SQL 2012 and higher is required due to the employment of enhanced encryption algorithms.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021