SendPro Enterprise version 8.21.4 Release Notes (August 17, 2018)

SendPro Enterprise Release Notes for version 8.21.4 (August 17, 2018).
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise


The following changes have been implemented for SendPro Enterprise Apps:

Batch Meter

  • Improved functionality when connecting to Peripheral Agent



The following other changes have been implemented in SendPro Enterprise:

Task Scheduler. Fixed Various Issues.

Fixed issue with Task Scheduler failing to run when the application was not being actively used. Also resolved an issue whereby the Task Scheduler failed to run all the scheduled tasks after completing the first one.

Batch Meter App. Resolved Problem with connecting to Peripheral Agent.

Improved the way in which the Batch Meter App connects to the Peripheral Agent to avoid a failed connection.

UPDATED: March 08, 2021