Configuring email package notifications in SendSuite Tracking Online

Learn how to configure email package notifications in SendSuite Tracking Online.
Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking Online

You can send customized email notifications to inform recipients that a package has been received, checkpointed, attempted, delivered, or refused. Attempted Delivery and Package Received notifications are available by default.

Email notifications are sent from A "Sent from" label (name) and "Reply to" email address can be configured under Settings > Package Notifications.

Only users with an Admin role can perform this procedure.

This requires a subscription that supports this feature.

To configure your email notifications:

  1. Select the gear icon in the upper right.
  2. Select Package Notifications.
  3. To remove an existing notification, click on the gear icon next to it and select Delete. To deactivate a notification, click on Active to change it to Inactive.
  4. To change an existing notification, click on the gear icon next to it and select Edit.
  5. To add a new notification, click on the + icon.
  6. Enter a name for the notification.
  7. In the Rules section, specify the conditions under which notifications will be sent.
    1. Under When an event matches the below condition, select a Package Status.
    2. Under Do the following actions, select an Action.
    3. (Optional) Check Exclude weekends from the notification’s schedule to prevent notifications from being sent on Saturdays and Sundays. Note: This option is not available when the action Send notification immediately is selected.
  8. Enter the subject of the message in the Email subject field.
  9. Enter the body of the message in the large field.
    • To insert dynamic text into the message, select Insert Field, then select the desired item.
    • To see a preview of the custom email message, select Preview.
    • To remove the custom message and use the default message, click on Sample Messages, select the desired message, and click Use Sample Message.
  10. When finished customizing the message, select the Save button at the bottom.

To disable notifications for individual recipients, edit their contact information and uncheck Send an email when a package arrives for this recipient.

UPDATED: September 16, 2021

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