How to set the RISO IS950c printer to print duplex jobs from PBFirst face up in output tray

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Products affected: PBFirst™
To set the RISO IS950C printer to feed printed duplex jobs from PBFirst™ into the output tray face up:
  1. Open PBFirst.
  2. Select Setup. The Mail Creation Print Manager window will be displayed.
  3. From Job Options, select the desired job, then select Print to Printer from the menu on the left side.
  4. Select Properties next to the selected printer.
  5. Select the Basic tab.
  6. For the page size, select Letter.
  7. For the Input Tray, select Standard Tray.
  8. Select the Layout tab.
  9. On the Image rotation menu under Orientation, select 180 degrees.
  10. For the Duplex Layout option, select Long edge.
  11. Select the Trays tab.
  12. For the Input Tray, select Standard Tray.
  13. For Output tray, select Auto-control stacking tray.
  14. For Collate options, select Group.
  15. Select OK.
  16. Select Save.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021