How to generate a report from Business Manager

Learn how to generate a report from Business Manager.
Products affected: Business Manager
To generate a report from Business Manager:
  1. Open Business Manager and sign in.
  2. Select Reports > Reports.
  3. Select the database from which to draw the report. The default is the Working Database, which has current data. If you need to draw anything from an older database, select Archiving database. Remember to switch back to Working database when finished.
  4. Select a report category from the Report Tab List. Options are:
    • Yearly by Month
    • Summary
    • Detailed
    • Forms
    • Custom Reports
  5. Select a report to run.
  6. Select Display.
  7. Select a date option from Minor Period Date Selection and enter the date range. Options are:
    • Use predefined period
    • Select relative date
    • Use another Date Range
  8. These are the common optional options which can be used to filter the report. Some options may vary depending on the report type:
    • Account Selection
    • Meter Selection
    • Job Selection
    • Carrier Selection
    • Operator Selection
    • Workstation Selection
  9. Select Show Report.
  10. (Optional) To print the report, select on the print icon in the top left of the report.
  11. When finished, select Close.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021