All Reference Fields not added to UPS Label in SendPro Enterprise

Learn how to resolve an issue where all Reference Fields are not being added to a UPS Label in SendPro Enterprise.
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise 8.18.00 and higher


When adding Reference Fields to a UPS Label, SendPro® Enterprise does not add all of the Reference Fields to the UPS Label.


UPS only supports two reference fields.


As of SendPro Enterprise version 8.18.00, the system passes the following reference field data to UPS.

  • ShipperReference
  • ReferenceOne
  • ContentDescription (domestic shipments only)

UPS only supports two reference fields. ContentDescription will only be passed if ShipperReference or ReferenceOne is missing or blank.

All other reference fields will be used by SendPro Enterprise for data purposes only.

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UPDATED: June 02, 2021

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