How to send Certified Mail on the DM300C, DM400C, DM450C and DM475

Learn how to send Certified Mail on the DM300C, DM400C, DM450C and DM475.
Products affected: DM300C™, DM400C™, DM450C™, DM475™
Certified Mail® is a service that may be added to First Class and Priority mail. Certified Mail provides proof of mailing at time of mailing and the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery. Return Receipt can be added to confirm delivery. To send Certified Mail:
  1. Place the mailpiece on the scale or enter the weight manually.
  2. Select Class.
  3. Select First Class.
  4. Select your mailpiece size.
  5. Select Certified Mail.
  6. If you would like to use the optional Return Receipt service, select Ret Receipt.
  7. Press Enter.
  8. Run the mailpiece through the meter.
  9. Affix the top portion of the certified mail label (Form 3800) at the top of the envelope to the left of the postage, inscription, and meter ad.
Form 3800
  1. If using the optional Return Receipt (Form 3811), affix the Return Receipt to the back of the envelope.
Form 3811
IMPORTANT: Make sure that you record the tracking number(s) for your records.
If you require additional assistance, contact client support. Please have your model number ready.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021