Resolve Envelope Designer crashing or closing unexpectedly

Learn how to resolve Envelope Designer crashing or closing unexpectedly.
Products affected: Envelope Designer, ConnectRight™ Mailer


Envelope Designer crashes or closes unexpectedly.


The export settings in ConnectRight™ Mailer may be causing Envelope Designer to crash or close unexpectedly.


If Envelope Designer is crashing or closing unexpectedly when selecting Design while exporting a mailing list in ConnectRight Mailer, try changing the ConnectRight Mailer export settings, to see if certain settings in the export are causing Envelope Designer to crash.

You can also manually launch Envelope Designer:
  • If using Windows 7 or below, select the Windows Start icon, type Envelope in search, and select Envelope Designer(TM) Plus.
  • If using Windows 8 or above, select the Windows Start icon > All apps > Pitney Bowes PrintingEnvelope Designer(TM) Plus.
If the issue persists, contact customer support.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021